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  1. Hey there, I'm a single guy that enjoys having his nails done (any color, not just black) and I was just wondering what the ladies around here thought of men that enjoy expressing themselves through the art of nail design. would you do your man's nails if he asked you to? would you date/marry a guy that painted his nails? I know Scott_f and his wife have a special relationship which i'm sort of jealous of but being in my mid 20's i still have time to find that. And what if it was more than just nails? what if he wanted to do makeup and skirts and such? what's your take on the modern gender lines?
  2. I think it all depends, really ... before my father retired, his nails looked awful. I volunteered to do his fingernails by cutting, filing and putting on a clear top coat. He's a real social guy so he was thrilled when all the women in the office started noticing his nice manicure!

    A while back I saw a young guy getting a mani/pedi with a dark chocolate brown, which looked really great with his skin tone (which was darker). It looked really good on him. I don't think I could be down with long nails on a guy, though.

    As far as makeup and women's clothing, that is really all about personal preference. Since I'm in San Francisco, I've seen just about anything. I know that a lot of men like wearing women's clothes. But for me personally, I prefer to have that role solo.
  3. ^just like lorihmatthwes said, it's all about personal preferences and if you like it then go for it.

    however i must admit i don't think i could deal with my bf wearing colorful nail polish and skirts, make up etc. of course i like a man with great hair, great style, a beautiful face and nice hands but i guess even though i'm 19 i'm still quite conservative when it comes to gender lines. i wanna do the make up and the dressing up for my guy :smile:

    but that's just me, everyone's different :smile:
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    You should do what makes you happy and should not hold back. Not every woman may be tolerant of it, but there are many open-minded people out there who would not be concerned with your nail preferences. My boyfriend is pretty rugged so it would seem out of place for him to do anything with his nails, but there are many men (such as yourself) that this is more fitting for. I'm well-suited to my boyfriend and I am sure that there are plenty of people who are equally well-suited to your tastes and styles. The world is made up of many different people, so do what pleases you first.

    Also, I love seeing people express themselves in a way that makes them happy. I think it is great if you want to do something that allows you to be who you are and look the way you want to look.
  5. As others have said do what you like. I like a man with nice hands and feet. When I use to get pedicures (i do them myself now) I would see men getting pedicures all the time. They often came with thier wives. I don't they they got np. Express yourself and don't be shy. Please come post in the what np are you wearing today thread! Personally I don't think I could handle my SO wearing np, make up or skirts.
  6. Honestly, it's not my cup of tea. Not saying that I wouldn't necessarily date a guy who was into that kind of thing, but I can also say that I've never found myself attracted to a guy like that. I guess that I'm the opposite and have always been attracted to a guy in a nice suit & tie. To each their own though, so do what makes you happy.
  7. those are fantastic shoes vhdos
  8. ^Thank you, StarrLink. Very sweet of you to notice. I must say, I do admire a guy who knows a fantastic pair of shoes when he sees one:smile:
  9. I would not date a man who painted his nails or wore gender-bending clothing or shoes; it isn't something I am attracted to. However, I also don't think that a person should have to compromise who or what they are in order to be in a relationship, so if you like those things then you probably wouldn't want to be with someone who wasn't tolerant anyway. There is someone for everyone, and there are people who don't at all mind men bending gender lines in clothing and self-care. Just because it wouldn't be a good fit in a relationship with me (or even the majority of people, if they feel that way), doesn't mean it is wrong or that you should have to pretend to be someone else.
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    I have some friends in the rock'n'roll and also in the gay scene so I am used to painted nails. but i think that If I would get to know a "normal" jeans and t-shirt guy with done nails (I'm thinking painted and not just a simple mani) it wouldn't put me off but for sure make me wonder for a short time. but i wouldn't see it a draw back, I think like some posters said it totally depends on the guy if he can pull it off or not. my boyfriend would for example look ridiculous with painted nails (he's the tall and broad shoulder skater kind of guy) but I also know straight guys who could really pull colored nails off. I'm not a fan of nail-art on womens nails, so I probably wouldn't like it on guys too, but that's just my opinion so it's totally subjective.
    So if you like to paint your nails and the "man in the mirror" tells you it looks good - just go for it ;) but I would be careful to wear it to the office, some ppl can be very judgmental
  11. :tup: this:

    It's so true, though, that people are often far too judgemental. :sad:
  12. luckily i don't work in an office, I'm a scenic artist for a local theatre haha
  13. ^^ For someone who is more artsy, I think painted nails are awesome. My fiance is a lawyer and I think he'd get some odd looks if his nails were painted. But when I see artsy guys with polish, I don't even think twice - it just goes with the look. I think dark colors look better, IMO :smile: I think nail polish can look great on anyone and it is ridiculous that society has set up these boundaries about who (and what gender) can wear what. Why should gender define us?
  14. i personally am not attracted to that sort of thing. i think it's essential that a man stays well groomed and doesn't let his nails get too long and grimy, but getting a mani/pedi isn't exactly something i would want to do with my SO...or to even have him do it on his own. a friend of mine had horrible nails for his wedding day, and i was so confused why he couldn't at least get his nails all fixed up for 1 freakin day. all i ask is for my SO to trim his nails regularly and wash his hands with soap.
  15. Thanks brooke, I agree. why should gender define what we can do? nail polish is fun and skirts are so much more comfortable than pants... and i don't think that makes me any less of a man