Men Who Own Coach?

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  1. Are there any threads here for the men who love Coach too?
  2. I hanen't seen one....

    but I know my DH is a closet Coach lover...I just noticed his messenger bag is a leather Coach one AND so is his money clip! LOL! :smile:
  3. Even if there are threads for men who love Coach, I don't think my DH would go online to admit that he loves it. *LOL* And he secretly LOVES it. He was the 1st to turn me towards Coach in the first place!
  4. So far, my husband owns a Coach wallet and keyfob and 1 son has a wallet and the other has a card case.:tup:
  5. I think there is a member on here who is a man, he posted pictures of his "murse" the other day, it was so cute !
  6. Ha ha it's me! I posted about my murse (my Legacy Men's Flat Mail Satchel. He's doing really well). I'm going to upload my collection in the next couple days. I started a thread a long time ago about men and coach but only got a few replies.

    We are few, but we are fabulous.
  7. Well that is the cutest "murse" I have ever seen. I bet he gets a lot of attention. You had a keyfob too right ? It was like a legacy one I think ? I tried buying DH Coach. I wish he would share my obsession however my time spent on TPF is all his fault. He is a tech person and he said one day " If you love Coach so much why don't you find a forum online, there has to be one out there" He has since regretted his suggestion because it is only fueling my obession even more !
  8. My fiance is a Coach lover too! I asked him which wallet he wanted for chriistmas and he already had the style number, color and everything ready for me to order it! haahaa. He also has a leather briefcase and a few belts and keychains in his collection.
  9. HaHa! Does he hide his Coach purchases from you...the way I do from my dh?
  10. I love that murse! You have great taste.
  11. Yes, you are fabulous! I think it's great that you're not afraid to voice your Coach obsession. And your "murse" was very appealing - after you'd posted it, I was actually considering it for myself!! I just wish it'd come in other colors! Truthfully, if money was no object, I think my DH's Coach obsession would exceed mine!! *LOL*

    I'm looking forward to seeing your "collection"! :yes:
  12. lol i had a guyfriend who had coach shoes.. with the C's all over them...
  13. i like coach and im a guy.... but i may as well be a girl. ahahaha. i currently only have some coach shoes and sunglasses and a few accessories. i did have the sig duffle.... the first version, two scarves- the patchwork and the optic, another pair of coach shoes, ipod video case, tons of mini skinnies, wallet, etc. but i gave most of my coach stuff away to friends..... but i LOVE my coach sunnies.
  14. No Coach yet as I feel bad if I don't buy LV. :blush:

    I do hope to get my first which is the Heritage Stripe Camera bag.
  15. My brother has a bunch of Coach shoes and has some Coach mini skinnies, visors, fanny packs, etc. but he mainly uses LV.