Men Wearing Louis Vutton?

  1. Where can I Find a Good Place where Men Is Wearing LV
    I went to the celebrity thread but all Women and Marc Jacobs.

    I want to post my stuff but I feel weird if Other women are posting their stuff too.
  2. Just post it... it's not that big of a deal. We all share our collections here regardless of sex.
  3. I've seen men with their LV on the "your LV in action thread".
    There's also more men's pictures on a thread titles who wears it better (if memory serves...)
    Both Men and women looking fabulous!

    IMO, there's nothing weird about posting... If you want to then by all means go for it...
  4. Seriously? Do a search (either on tPF or google images). And if you feel weird about posting here when "other women" are posting their stuff, get a clue. This forum is probably 95% female. You know the biggest PURSE demographic being that this is the PURSE forum.
  5. Welcome to tPF

    Post here!!!!!! We would love to see your LV!!!!
    There are quite a few males that post here all the time.
  6. ITA
  7. or visit the Men's LV Club section... you will find bunch of us post pics there
  8. They've got Snoop in the LV celebrity forum - he rocks his speedy!
  9. Thats ridiclious... were all here for the same reason!
  10. Does it really matter if it is mainly women who post here? Whether male or female, we are all united in our love of bags :biggrin:
  11. An LV is an LV, LOL, so post away. I know I dont mind if your male or female I just wanna see the loot!! LOL

    And yes Welcome!
  12. Post away. We'll all look at it anyway...
    It's not too often I see guys rockin LV here in Rhode Island, so it's fun to see guys posting pics of their stuff and modeling shots.
  13. More men should post.
    I wish my DH was as stylish as some of the guys here !!
  14. KingofKings, welcome to TPF. You seem to be very focused on gender. Just relax and enjoy this great forum.