Men w/ Speedy's Part 2?


    Hey guys! I remember a post about men w/ Speedys yesterday...

    doesn't this look great!! hahahahaha:roflmfao:

    Well he's looking pretty weird right here!

  2. He was carrying his wife purse for her...saw it on another website.
  3. :oh:
  4. I saw this in the Celebrity Section. He looks so funny, yet fashionable. :lol:
  5. aww! cute!!!
  6. sorry, but i don't see the need for starting another thread on such a touchy subject. this photo was already posted in that other thread about men with Speedy. i think you should've just posted this photo in the Celebs w/ LV section. jmo.
  7. I love Snoop - the only man who ever could get photographed with a blunt, a shower cap and an LV purse and still be able to talk trash about another guy. hehe.

  8. right! i love this pic!
  9. It actually works for him for some reason :shrugs:
  10. haha- his wife has better taste than I'd thought!

  11. :yes: the photo had been posted twice in the celebs w/LV section already...
  12. :yes: strangely, because everything else in the picture seems out of place. =P
  13. Looks funny..ha ha ha...makes me laugh!:nuts:
  14. It looks like a doctor bag on him IMO. I don't know what was you'r point on posting a stand alone tread for this pic since it'a allready been posted...
  15. Again--He looks totally :nuts: carrying that bag. The bag actually doesn't even look cute with him carrying it. Especially not while he is wearing that showercap and kiddie pony holders on his hair! ICK!