Men Vs Women

  1. My friend Laura and I were discussing this very topic, a couple of days ago, i would love to hear what you think:

    Do you think men have more choices in clothing than women do ?

    Do you think it is more tied to profession than class ?

    Do you agree/disagree that women's clothing styles reflect more economic, regional attributes ?

    Men are more interchangeable but their uniforms are not.

    What are your thoughts and opinions ?
  2. Being a guy, I'll answer the first question.

    I notice that girls have much more clothing styles/options/etc. than guys. It is noticeable when you enter a clothing store that has both men and women styles. They seem to focus more on developing more styles for females than males which means more choices.
  3. My only issue is lately, women's clothing is getting smaller and more skimpy and guys clothing is getting bigger and baggy. What's up with that?
  4. Guys clothing isn't baggy at places like A&F and Hollister.
  5. I know some guys clothing isn't, but lately some of the high school kids- I treat a lot of sports injuries- have had their pants crotch down to their knees. Ecko is the designer, I believe.
    Personally, I hate the baggy look, I think normally fitted clothing is much more tasteful. Sorry didn't mean to generalize.
  6. Yeah, definitely, teens love to sag. I guess it's a kind of style but I don't like it. I don't see the point. I think the high school girls like it though...

    Are you a school nurse?
  7. I read an interesting quote from a police chief the other day - he said that the baggy pants have made it much easier to catch criminals - this is because (LOL) they can't run in those pants!!!! Sometimes, the pants even fall down when they are trying to get away. Too funny!
  8. ^^^that is really funny.

    I've always been a bit jealous b/c if a man felt like it, he could go out and buy five polo shirts (ralph lauren, or even just old navy), a few oxfords, and a bunch of khacki pants and shorts, then look great in any environment for the next 20-30 years. The guys I see on campus are still wearing the exact same type of shirts and shorts that they were in the late 80's. They can wear an oxford an their khacki pants to work, school, on a date, to the movies -- anywhere!

    Meanwhile, we girls have gone through entire genres of fashion, just in the past season! On the positive side, though, that is a lot more fun. But it does get expensive:smile:
  9. No, just physical therapist who works close to two high schools, lacrosse, softball, soccor, swimming, ice skating, you name it!
  10. as a teen guy i wear a little sag on my clothing, (i wear my pants between 2-5cm lower than my waist.) i hate ht baggy look and i do i purely to "follow the trend" i usually wear fitted tops (becuse i have recently lost weight and its unnoticed when i wear baggy clothes) also i hate it when you wear sag and all the fabric supossed to be for the crotch area is lowered its just like all this fabric that fold between your legs and buckles i find it ucomefortable and hence the goddammed trend is so so stupid
  11. Yeah, it is stupid.
  12. This is definitly an interesting topic.

    Fashion is always growing and changing, and I can't think of any time where extravagent fashion has been more popular or commonplace. Men and Women alike have many wonderful choices from haute couture designers to Target.


    If you recall Women haven't exaclty always been as happy and free to do as they please, as they are today ( erm, and we honestly don't have it that great right now). Womens clothing was restrictive, uncomfortable, and geared more towards covering up than showing off their bodies. So, embrace all the wonderful choices you have today! Cover up if you like, or wear that thigh-skimming min-skirt if you want to flaunt your legs. Women definitly have lots of choices-- but so do men!


    erm, baggy jeans are like, so 90s. Dudes either wear casual fitting jeans ( think abercrombie) or like, girls jeans ( think scene boys.)

  13. I think women have MUCH more clothes to choose from than men. I hate how most womens tops are too short though. My torso is a little long and my boobs are not that small so everything is way too short on me. For Polos I have to get it in the men's section. booo.
  14. hahaha:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    too funny!
  15. - Men don't have more choices... they just don't have to do as much as women to be fashionable.

    - I think it's more because they're men and not due to their profession or class.. Well for me, I look at a man's face, their smile (so their teeth), and they're shoes (to see if it matches what they're wearing, and how hard can that be?). Oh of course and their body build... :P I usually like the skateboarder look.

    -Women's clothing styles reveal a)how much money they spend on clothes b) where they are from (stereotypically speaking).

    -- this is funny, I think UNIFORMS are INTERCHANGEABLE, the MEN ARE NOT, definitely NOT. LOLOLOL :roflmfao: