Men & Tod's

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  1. Hi guys!

    I'm from the Netherlands, and I reallt enjoy reading on the purseforum. I've a question for you, and I really need advice. I like Tod's, I own a few pair of shoes from them, but I think I'm ready to buy a men bag.

    I always wear Louis Vuitton bags, but lately it looks like everyone has one, and it's not really discrete, everyone knows the pattern....... I decided to give a look at some Hermès bag, but I think the prices are really really high (I'm just 19)....

    So know I was thinking of buying a Tod's men bag, preferally black or brown and around 35-40 cm, but my problem: There are not a lot of bags on the website... can anyone advice me on some Tod's bags with price info etc.

    I would really appreciate your help!

  2. say this is difficult... but have you been to pc hooftstraat yet?
  3. Try the links below. Men's bags are sometimes available through these sites. (I have not ordered through all of these sites, so check them out if you're thinking of ordering from them.) Good luck!,default,sc.html?start=0&sz=46

  4. Yes ofcourse, there is the Tod´s boutique, the only store in The Netherlands who sell Tod´s bags... But it´s a very small store...!
  5. I visted it and I was very disappointed :sad:

    There is a larger Tod's store in Brussels. It's on two levels and the upper level is all about men stuff. Good luck.