men talk? men bag? mens fashion?

  1. :oh: hi! can we start a new thread here about boys/men's bag fashion?
    :idea: :P
  2. Just KITT for ya.
  3. yay! what are your fave menswear designers. i am looking for a really great french cuff shirt for my husband.... any thoughts from your personal experience?

    welcome to the pf:P
  4. my fave designer is VIVIENNE WESTWOOD!! great cutting makes me look slim!!BUT!! There is no point just buying all clothes from designer lables!! you need to mix n mach! n not all designer lables looks good on you!!

    for french cuff shirt i will say THOMAS PINK! lots of style of shirts- formal,170s,luxury,evening,slim fit, casual, linen and with diff collar with tones of colour and pattern!!
  5. Do you like Ralph Lauren's mens line for classic pieces?
  6. Seeing that we do have a few men that venture this way (my man is one of them!), maybe we should start a category for men's fashion/wear. Let me see what Vlad thinks! :idea: