Men spring summer runway show -> june 29th

  1. hi guys,

    the new men spring-summer 2008 runway show will be the 29th of june - 5PM paris time.

    Cant wait ;)

  2. Do you think there will be any new wallets for men? I am looking for one for my DH and he does not really love anything that is out right now.
  3. Thanks Fred, we'll see what Marc Jacobs has concocted !!! lol
  4. Thanks for the nifo. Would the runway show be posted on the LV website?
  5. i've already made a note of this in my agenda and even put an alarm on my mobile phone too. i await with much excitement as well as dread :sweatdrop:
  6. OMG:nuts: im crossing my finger for croc TRIMED bags...

    oh wait they only do croc for winter :tdown: well Me want more tobago:graucho:
  7. Marc no longer designs the men's collection :sad: His last one was F/W '06
  8. so who designs the men's collection then?
  9. Paul Helbers who used to work for Martin Margiela. but he's still under direct supervision of MJ.
  10. Maison Martin Margiela is a belgian brand ... yeah ;)