Men Spring/Summer 2007 Pricing

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  1. Does anyone know the prices of the men's bags for spring? Or an estimate? I really want one of the messengers, but if it's over $2,000, I'd have to rethink it. If anyone can get a hold of one of those grid-like product information thingies.:flowers:
  2. spring?? that's still like forever isnt it?

    which bag do you want?
  3. Spring's not too far off, really. (Just January/February) The cruise lines have already been out in stores for a while!
    I want this one: (picture from
  4. prices and photos of which bags will be available would probably be released around January or February. i've got my eye on the exact same bag you posted too.... and i can't wait either!
  5. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I'm definetly getting the S/S 07 bags, I just don't know which one. But I asked the LV SAs and e-mailed them but they said no further information is available, we'll all just have to wait.
  6. they look real pretty, i hope you get one!
  7. the one in the left looks nice... but expensive too...