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  1. What do u think about men wearing skirts????
    LOL I am serious like the ones by Dior Homme last fall/winter collection, I've been thinking about it so much I think it looks great altough I am not sure it will look nice on me, Tell me your opinion guys and girls :yes: tnx very much
  2. I'm sorry but as much as I love my husbands legs (he's a runner) I just would never want to see him in a skirt. What others do is fine is fine with me..but not my I just can't see men walking around in the US with skirts on. I don't think the look would fly amongst the general population here.
  3. Not for me LOL
  4. hehehe so u think is more a runway thing?
  5. example


    I love this collection
  6. I actually don't have a problem with longer skirts like that. Some men I knew in college looked smashing in long black skirts and boots, and they rocked that look.

    Clearly, it takes the right man to pull it off, but this isn't a trend that displays leg much at all. It just presents a different silhouette that I think can be very flattering sometimes.
  7. Well, back home in South Asia men wear skirts all the time. It's called a sarong. Great for hot weather!


    (Picture is of a traditional wedding)
  8. That is what I was talking about actually
    Skirt but not legs display, I don't think that would look good at all lol
  9. Not a display of hairy legs..

    I guess I'm used to it because back home it is formal dress. Though it might have been on runways in the West, it's nothing new to us!

    I.e. picture of the president (on right)


    (Maybe George W. would look good in one of these...)
  10. It can look so cool if you know how to carry it. You've got to have the confidence and know what to match the skirt with. ex. poloneck & manskirt = :yucky:
    ^^ I think this is an OK look, he certainly has the attitude right :biggrin:
  11. Antonio, this has been tried as late as in the end of the 90s! I remember seeing skirts in stores (not designer stores), but they never really caught on well. They disappeared along with buffalo shoes.

    To me it is a no-no except when it's a cultural thing and on the runway or in a theater or whatever. Or MAYBE out clubbing in a really flashy disco. so yeah.. that's my opinion.

    But anyhow, if you really want to, please do, I'm the one trying to getting fox tails back, so I'm all for "crazy" fashion. >_<
  12. no. never, ever.
  13. If you want to, I suppose! You'd inevitably get a lot of looks though if it's not cultural dress where you live, is it worth that? :huh: I'm not male but I think if it was me, any enjoyment I got out of wearing the skirt would be diminished by the double-takes I'd be bombarded with around here.

  14. ^^^
  15. Looks good. At least sometimes. =)

    (I don't want to see hairy legs though!)