Men S/S 2007 runway pic

  1. Marc Jacobs is unique in fashion for his willingness to acknowledge the efforts of his collaborators. His generosity is most apparent in menswear, a subject he happily claims not to understand all that well. That's why he handed the reins of his latest Louis Vuitton men's collection to Paul Helbers, formerly of Martin Margiela’s design studio. It was Helbers who came up with the show’s complex rationale, a meeting of Victorian England and Hawaii (he said he likes finding harmony between extremes).

    The new man at the helm was also responsible for the presentation, which—in an effort to create an impression of real clothes in motion—featured models marching backward and forward in front of shimmering, watery back-projections. If the overall effect was too abstract to allow a full appreciation of Helbers' work, there were signs that he might in time set a new standard for LV’s menswear.

    This collection's underlying concept was most obvious in the hibiscus print on shirts, scarves, and ties (the paper lei invitation was kind of charming, too). And, according to Helbers, the dark Jacquards reflected an imagined Hawaiian response to traditional English weaving techniques. Phew!

    Highfalutin concepts aside, it was easy to see the appeal of trim blousons, beautifully cut trousers, and piqué waistcoats that added a flair of fashion. And, come next spring, the branded bags and silvery shoes might launch the kind of waiting lists Vuitton's women’s accessories regularly do. That alone would presumably be enough to justify Jacobs' faith.

    00170m.jpg 00190m.jpg 00200m.jpg 00220m.jpg 00230m.jpg 00260m.jpg 00270m.jpg 00280m.jpg 00290m.jpg
  2. These are only pics from men with bags.
    00300m.jpg 00320m.jpg 00340m.jpg 00350m.jpg 00360m.jpg 00370m.jpg
  3. This collection has an urban feel to it, imo.
  4. It's really hit or miss with the LV pret-a-porter collection. Some outfits are ok or even nice (pictures 269, 270, and 290) while others are truely awful (170, 200, and 370).
  5. Wow... I know that it's about the bags but NONE of those guys caught my eye.... And where is a brotha of color? That show needs some diversity! JMO.
  6. IMO, the boys were the only thing worth watching in the show . . . they were hot, but the clothes were boring. And the bags weren't anything special either. The only one I would consider picking up is the Hawaiian print keepall.
  7. Wasn't all that impressed, I watched the video on the french site, also the F/W shoes are up for the men now on the french site, i already picked out my favorites and sent them to my SA. I did like that BROOCH looking thing that spelled out LOUIS like on my jacket!! mmmm
  8. When I saw the Hawaiian-looking shirts... I thought of Tommy Bahama for some reason? LOL.
  9. i have to admit... i didn't go "WOW!" ... but LV menswear have always been on the rather conservative (read: plain) side. not a fan of the yellow & black print either. reminds me of Billabong. not sure about the 'Louis' brooch either. the ginormous gold flower brooches is a rather good idea, but im happy with my black leather YSL orchid.... i like most of the bags. though they all look pretty expensive... but the one that caught my eye is this one:


    of all the men's spring collections so far, Gucci (minus the suede hot pants) is my current top pick.
  10. The silver shoes are hot..:heart::heart:
  11. Actually, marc jacobs doesn't design anything for the men
  12. is it just me or do all the guys look extremely short?!?!??!
  13. I dunno but somehow I like LV bags to someway or another maintain its "LV" logo on its bags rather than revamping them to totally new looking styles. The 07 collection reminds me of burberry or gucci because there is no use of the infamous "monogram".

    I like the monogram LV look and by playing with the colour and texture/fabrics, they could have come out with a more familiar and consistent look. In addition, the style of majority of the bags look like they are meant for travelling purposes due to the size and design (no shoulder strap) rather than for everyday casual/business use. Not really impressed...guess I can save more $$ then...