Men Runway shoes, opinion needed!!

  1. Hi guys, this is my first post in Prada forum. I am in love with this season Prada mens line, everything are just so unique and HOT. Today I went to my local Prada store and tried on this gorgeous shoes from F/F07 runway. I like it very much. However, the price tag is killing me, It costs AU$1180, which is about US$980. I can't justified to spend so much money on the shoes. What do you guys think?? Is it worth for the price tag??I need opinions.thanks:smile:

  2. Holy cow, that's pricey! What are the made of? As to whether they are worth it, that's really your call. First: can you afford them? Second, are you madly in love with them? Third, are they shoes that you can see yourself wearing in say 3-5 years (with a few trips to the cobbler for maintenance of course). And of course, my personal pet peeve: are they COMFORTABLE?

    Those are the questions I ask myself when I'm trying to answer that concern.
  3. Is Raffaello Network legit??
  4. ^^^Absolutely!! I'd be crucified if I recommended a knock-off site!!
  5. it's expensive for me..but if you are reallly in love with it and think you can wear it comfortably,go for it
  6. take it back~it looks :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  7. Prada Shoes are super duper awesome quality.

    Buy without doubt.

    i've bought 3 pairs of Prada shoes (I'm a guy). Each were 600 or so.

    I've also bought 2 pairs of LV shoes. Trust me, they are uncomfortable and compare very much worst than Prada shoes.
  8. I really don't think that pair of shoe is very nice, I was considering it with another pair. In the end, I bought another pair in patent leather at Martin Place Prada Sydney, I paid $770 for mine. I think it more lasting as a classic. And its not that easily copied by some other Australia brand like Politix and some horrible local brands (which is disgusting).

  9. Not all prada shoes are very high quality, I have some pairs and one of them are superb in quality, the other pair, a sneaker type is B-A-D, not materials, but the craftmanship is so horrible, I'm never getting prada shoes again unless I get to inspect them CAREFULLY!!!

    I assume runway shoes should be fine though: =)
  10. I personally love the fade tradement on those shoes -- they're the dress shoe line (leather, rather than the vibram/composite rubber soles) and those are always expensive -- I think they were about 850 US at the Fifth Avenue Store and also came in an oxford tie and ankle boot. My husband has worn Prada shoes for the last ten years or so -- and they last amazingly well (he hasn't purchased the sneaker/style line so can't speak for those -- but the car shoe-esque driving shoes seem to last well enough).
    They are a spot trendy which depending on how you feel about wearing last season out of season -- could be an issue with the price -- but I think that leather treatment is quite special.
  11. Thank you guys for your honest opinions, I had decided(quite awhile ago) that I will not take that runway shoes. As much as I love that shoes, I just can't talk myself out to spend that much money on a pair of shoes,instead I bought the runway belt which I had already posted before in the forum. I do have to say the craftsmanship of prada shoes are quite remarkable, however, as what liberte said, the quality seems quite inconsistence sometimes.