Men prefer blondes....what do you think ?

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  1. As the title of a great classic movie, I realised in the past few days that YES men do prefer blondes or at least they attract their eyes incredibly.
    I never really believed in this before, like every man has different tastes. I am a natural brunette with olive skin. And being quite pretty myself I attracted enough looks ! Us French girls we are pretty much all brunettes, so I never experienced before going around with a blond girlfriend.
    Anyways the other day I was walking around in a place full of business men together with a natural blond girl. And it was the first time in my life I saw so many men looking at a girl !!! Amazing, Her blond hair got them to stop discussing business to watch her !
    Ok, I felt a lil' jealous, I told her what happened and she agreed that in the past, when she dyied her hair dark she didn't get the same attention at all.
    She said that men would then take her more seriously talking about "intellectual" subjects, whereas as a blonde, they all come directly to talk to her, she feels much more approachable but for the wrong reasons.....
    I also know a blonde waitress who tried to be a brunette, but went back to blonde bc she didn't make as much tips....
    So the conclusion was the stereotype Blonde = sexy , easy, dizzy or bimbo, and Brunette = sexy (?), intelligent, long term relationship material.
    What do you think ?
  2. I think it depends on the mans preference. Some men like blondes, some like redheads etc...
    BTW, I am a blonde and I am NOT easy, dizzy or a bimbo. I have always been in long term relationships. My DH and I have been married for 13 wonderful yrs.
  3. brunettes are more likely to get married!
  4. Of course you're NOT ! And that friend is also in a long term relationship, and she's also very intelligent....I was just mentionning "stereotypes" or images in ppl's minds !!
  5. Definitely, the worst combination you can be is what I am right now, French and blonde with a name that starts with the letter B. I think you can probably guess what I was called at my [former] workplace. It started off with just normal Beatrice then went to Bee then Bumble Bee (these steps took about a month) and then for the past eight years it's been Bimbo Bee and they also mocks my [slight] French accent, LOL.

    I think people don't take me seriously which, BTW, is VERY good because I like to keep quiet and let 'the boys' argue between themselves and surprise them afterwards with results or alternatively on the lazy days, just sit around and reap the benefits of their work afterwards! I mean after 8 years people still think I am a dizzy blonde bimbo but it has its advantages because you will be seen to be more approachable which I think is quite important and if you land yourself in trouble then it can sort of act as a buffer because they just blast you for your bimboness and forgive you for it whereas you can potentially get fired for commiting the same mistake which would be deemed diabolical if you are seen to be intellectual.
  6. i've never noticed it at all, but then again i'm from a country with a ridiculously high percentage of blondes :lol: in fact, the most attention i ever got was as a redhead..
  7. I think perhaps blondes will turn more heads but after initial attraction the hair colour won't matter
  8. Yeah in Denmark it's the first time I have seen brunettes with blond roots ! or beautiful blue eyes envy my boring brown eyes !:p
  9. The best is to ask us GUYS! Haha. Personally, I wouldn't date 'cos of hair colour. Like C'MON!!!!! It's like saying "i date according to their eye colour". It's not silly, it's STUPID! Any colour of hair (I mean, as long as it's not some ridiculous pink/green/blue) would work!!
  10. I'm generalizing now. (so don't kill me ppl :sweatdrop:) There are fewer blondes than brunettes IMO. Their coloring is pleasant to the eye could be one reason men are more likely draw attention than brunettes or darker hair women.
  11. Or the best combination !
    I guess they love the blonde with French accent !!! don't worry here people too make fun of my french accent, my "R" pronounciation....
  12. True depending on where you live. I am in Arizona and there are tons of blondes here. I think the same for California.
  13. You might be right and it also depend of which country you're from, it's more and more rare, I heard blond people are slowly disapearing of the planet.
  14. i've seen black hair with blonde roots in finland :lol:

    my flatmate is always telling me how she was confused that girls would come up to her in the club toilets in helsinki telling her how they loved her eyes (she's serbian and has huuuuge brown eyes with ridiculously long eyelashes) and for the longest time she thought they meant her make-up!

    where in denmark do you live btw?
  15. I live in Jutland