[Men Only] What are your Wallets and Bags

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  1. what is your selection of wallets and bags?
    here's mine:
    Porte Valeurs Organizer in Grizzli Taiga
    Pocket Organizer in Damier
    Small Agenda in Cannelle Epi
    Valet Key Holder in Black Nomade
    Vintage Clou Cuff links in Gold tone
    College Tie
    Does anyone have Eugenie wallet or porte-tresor international? and does it feel right on a guy?
  2. I think the PTI is more male-friendly than the Eugenie, which is inherently feminine IMO. The Zippy organizer would be even better though.
  3. I have the Speedy 40 and soon the Neverfull GM and the simple checkbook holder... I know.. I am unconvential lol but hey... it's fun!

    You can see the rest of my wallets and stuff if you click on my showcase link
  4. I have a Mono Keepall 50, a Palermo GM, and a Damier Ebene Naviglio.

    I am either adding a Speedy 35, or a Galliera GM soon.

    Yess, they're womens bags, but hey, I can rock em well.

    As for wallets, I have none. I am adding a Zippy soon though. I feel like I neeeed one. I want one in either Vernis, Multi, or maybe just Mono!
  5. I really really want a long wallet that'll fit into may jeans' back pocket,
    I'm torn between PTI and PVO, but I just LOVE the lock on Eugenie wallet...
    but the eugenie wallet doesn't fit into my pocket....
    AHHHHH what do I do?
  6. Hmm.. be like Simone Legno, the mastermind of Tokidoki. He uses a Mono Accordian wallet! He sticks the wallet in his back pocket and attaches the chain to his belt loop.

    Thats a picture of him below I took at the Pervasive Persuasion event at MOCA a couple months ago!
  7. as for bags i have several but wallets i keep it rather simple.
    i have a vintage checkbook holder (french luggage company) which my mother decided to take from me lol.
    i have an black epi key cles
    and a moka epi wallet bifold 6 credit card holder.
    and i honestly dont need any more.
  8. red epi agenda cover as wallet (only thing red epi and long wise)
    black epi pochette cles
    olav PM
  9. I have:

    Porte-Tresor International in Mono
    Mono Cles
    Azur Cles
    Pochette GM in Black MC
    Ludlow Mono
    Pocket Agenda in Mono

    Those are all of the LVs I use as wallets... the PTI is the best though. I want the Zippy Organizer soon though.


    Manhattan GM
    Cabas Mezzo
    Aurelia GM in Black MC
    Neverfull GM
    Speedy 40
    Damier Ebene Speedy 30
  10. Wew... you guys have nice collections. Mine:

    - Monogram Sac Plat
    - Epi Leather Pepper Sac Plat
    - Damier Geant Messanger
    - Damier Ebene Bastille
    - Damier Ebene Broadway

    Small leather goods:
    - Damier Ebene Multiple
    - Damier Ebene Zippy Organizer
    - Damier Ebene Cles
    - Damier Ebene Name Card Holder
    - Damier Ebene Cigarette Holder
    - Monogram Spectacles Holder
    - Monogram Pen Holder

    Next week I'm planning to go to Singapore I don't know what will I get :confused1:


  11. Ludlow monogram
    Portefeuille 3 vues monogram
    Bastille damier
    "La fortune" keyholder VVN
    Groom agenda in yellow
    Bosphore pouch monogram
    Naviglio damier azur
    Porte-monnaie cartes crédit damier azur
    Cardiff scarf in beige
    and very soon ... Conspiration pilote sunglasses in silver!
  12. Sac Plat
    Speedy 40
  13. From LV I use the:

    Monogram 6 card Billfold Wallet
    Damier Cles
    Damier Bastille
    Monogram Porte-Document Vertical
    Monogram Pochette Bosphore
    Monogram Medium Agenda
    Panda Cles
    an Epi Clutch (I don't know the name, discontinued.)

    Can you tell I'm not that loyal to LV? :P