MEN !! Need Help In Making A Decision !!! (women's advice appreciated)

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  1. Hey guys! I have a kind-of dillemma here: I need a new bag for school, and since LV is my favorite brand, I decided to go to the LV website for help. Which one should I get: the Abbesses or the GM Bosphore? They're both messenger bags. Don't know if you know them. But please help ppl!!

    Also, comments about both bags would help a lot!

    Thanks every1!
  2. Hi there :smile: enjoy choosing your new messenger for school! I dont have experience with either just want to say I've so much enjoyed my Bosphore Backpack and that the strap is very comfortable and supports well, I'd expect the messenger version would be similar. Lordly lordly, wish I had LV when I was in school LOL I never hand the option of anything so fashionable. Enjoy your new piece when you make your selection!
  3. The Monogram Mini Lucille GM would be perfect for school
  4. Lucille GM? Don't think I've seen that one before. Is it a men's bag?

    Thanks for replying, ppl! :smile:
  5. Oops sorry, it's a women bag.
  6. Oh okay. Any other suggestions? Is the Abbesses bag any good?
  7. Here are my two choices. Which one looks better? :s

    We do not promote fake bags on this forum.
  8. I choose the Messenger GM bosphore for you...good luck!
  9. I'd prefer we didn't get links to sites selling fakes.
  10. I like Abesses coz there isn't so much vachetta like on Bosphore so you can keep it clean longer. I like look of Abesses better.
  11. Oops, sorry. Didn't realize that website was a fake. I just wanted to show what the bags looked like. :sweatdrop:
  12. I have both of them and it honestly depends on how much stuff you'll be carrying. I would say the abbesses because I use the GM bosphore more as a casual messenger than for school...
  13. I have the Abbesses... but more of a fan of the Bosphore Messenger GM... hopefully that'll be a purchase this year?
  14. i have the bosphore gm, but for school i would recomend the bastille in damier ebony since the mono sometimes gets the wrong atention but if you really like the mono i would say the abbesses since it has like two litle flaps on top to keep things from falling out and it's bigger un like the gm bosphore...
  15. AGREE with latinmalemodel! I find the Mono abit too outstanding and get unwanted attention.Some of your frens can ask you the most hurting question ever,"is this a fake" it breaks anyone's heart.I know that.If you want the Mono i would say Bosphore GM but personally I am trying to get a Naviligo(or wadeva the spelling is) or the bastille in damier,that is not so attention-seeking... I don't want people to ask me that stupid question which i hate.