Men just don't get it..

  1. I often spend hours on the purse forum, most notably the Louis Vuitton sub since i'm such a great fan. My dear boyfriend seems to think i'm wasting my time on it at to which i reply honey, you're a man. You just simply won't get it.

    Just a thought, any of yours feel the same way?? :confused1:
  2. not like he HAS to (as i have a great income) but I DO spend time assuring that TPF is important for birthdays and holidays to dh. (in my case dbf).
  3. I get it!! I'm a guy and I'm on here everyday! :p
  4. I know, but you're the exception.

    I have to tell my DH, "now I know you're not, but pretend to be excited about my new purse."

    But he does, and he does let me have my PF time.

    He lets me have my foibles and I let him have his.:heart:
  5. I'm dh gets it!!! Well, he has his moments, but for the most part, he gets it!
  6. I agree, but my boyfriend understands my purse obsession, though he often critisizes how much money i spend!
  7. I will TRY to use this to my favor!!!! LOL!!! (much thanks to you John!!)
  8. My s.o. can spend hours looking at he never bugs me about my tpf hours:cutesy:
  9. most people don't understand me anyway (including myself sometimes lol), so it doesn't matter lol. I'm CRAZY lol
  10. Haha. Glad to know i;m not the only one feeling this way..

    But Dbf spend hours watching WWE so he's not bugging me so much now but rather critisizes me on spending so much on a bag like Koli J said.

    Just looking at my Louis Vuitton pieces makes me smile, how on earth can it be a bad thing?? :love:
  11. I think what you meant to say was hetero men don't get it.....
  12. My hubby "got it" after I showed him a few of my higher end bags and pointed out how well they are made. He was impressed that my LV wallet just hit age 10 and my Speedy 25 is about 18!
  13. no, b/c i don;t criticize him for being on jeep websites, unnecessarily tinkering for hours with a jeep that is not broken, being on more jeep sites, and on and on.
    and that is just jeeps!
    never mind his other obsessions or internet side work!

    he half understands my bag obsessions,and supports me emotionally! keeps me grounded and is happy when i am happy about getting a new one!

    i lvoe him.
  14. DH doesn't get it, but he's playing poker online the whole time I'm on tPF, so he doesn't say much. He can't figure out what there could possibly be to talk about on a purse forum!
  15. Im a guy. I like LV, cars, guns, fine liquors, nice watches, christolfe, pratesi, zanella, randall knives, coins, godiva G collection, and a few other things. I like to own the best. Louis Vuitton is a symbol of quality to me.