Men in Trees

  1. Anyone else watch the premier of Men in Trees? i was pleasantly surprised. It's cute and I like Anne Heche. She was witty and clever and not at all ditzy....just misguided and confused. Anyway, it was a nice way to spend an hour.
  2. Yeah, it was a cute show. Very "Northern Exposure" with setting in middle of nowhere Alaska. It's produced by Jenny Bicks who also produced SATC and i found myself thinking of the episode where Carrie leads a dating seminar, and also the one where Charlotte takes Carrie to one. hehe

    Jury's still out on if i'll keep watching the show.
  3. I think you're right about that....I'd forgotten all about "Northern Exposure". It seems like its regular time slot on Friday nights will be a good time for me to watch. Nothing much else is on then.
  4. I watched it and thought it was OK. It got trashed in all of the reviews. Wonder if it will last?
  5. BF actually watched the show and liked it. He was flipping through the channels and settled on this one when he saw the raccoon. I like it so far.
  6. I thought it was cute too. Not much on TV on Friday night.
  7. That's exactly how I feel!:yes:
  8. I saw the most recent episode right after Grey's and the ending was WHA?! I was banging my palm on the table! Wow!