Men In Sandals !

  1. My husband is not a big fan of sandals for men at all. Actually neither am i , But just recently he bought a couple of pairs of sandle shoes that are open at the back, like big flat mule's, which are really nice.

    Does your Husband or boyfriend wear sandals ?
  2. Not a fan unless they are nice leather ones,but around where I live it is pretty pretentious to wear leather thong sandals with dress pants. Those men are the ones who expect their wives to be anorexic-literally,so maybe I am a touch prejudiced.:P
  3. my husband would never wear sandals nor flip flops except when going to the beach. he always wears dress shoes or rubber shoes.
  4. My DH does not wear sandals. I don't think men look good in sandals. Big men's feet flapping around in sandals doesn't do it for me.:yucky: :P
  5. My husband wears nice, leather 'fisherman' sandals.
    It's more than 105 degrees here in the summer, men have to wear sandals here IMO.
    His are nice enough to wear w/ pressed khaki shorts and an oxford or golf shirt.
    He will not wear flip flops though.
  6. DH wears flip-flops. I'm completely fine with flip-flops on men, or the mule type ones Prada is talking about, I like them...however I hate those weird sporty...... these-
    sporty mc sandal.jpg
  7. It depends on the age of the man IMO!! I grew up on the beach so all the men wore sandals so to speak- leather Rainbows to be exact!! I actually like them on men :shame:
  8. I don't like them ... but I guess well-maintained gay men like them a lot.

    I suppose I'm mean, but I prefer pants and leather shoes on a man all year long.
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]

  10. I love me some hot, young, men in flip flops. As long as they maintain their feet.
  11. my boyfriend likes to wear flip flops he has tons..but then again he has tons of shoes too....among them he has 3 leather lacoste sandals and a louis vuitton baha sandal, and my personal fav an hermes brown goatskin casual loafer...ok ok its not a sandal but it is awesome
  12. have to agree. BUT if a guy insists in wearing sandals the feet need to be in perfect shape (pedicure calling)
    well where i life it is normal to see locals in leather sandals paired with the dishdasha but they have always well maintained feet so it is fine with me
  13. my bf wears sandals and has a very urban fashion sense. We both like to dress up similar to the fashion in london/hongkong. But then again, even though he is very manly, he is not your typical rough dude. He is way classier than me hehe (but i will never tell him that haha). So nothing too outlandish for him but always the perfect fit, the perfect pair, the perfect leather color for him. He loves italian sandals and italian streamlined shoes. he's like an urban preppy gap/af/gucci type of guy. :smile:
  14. Sandles for DH? HA! No, but I working on it..........

    He'll wear flip flops though and just started that recently. It was tennis shoes with EVERYTHING! :wtf: I've been working on him for a while..........oh but have a bit futher to go :idea:
  15. DH loves his. he just got some JCrew ones he has been living in all summer. and being that he is in the middle east right now, he says he hasn't worn closed shoes for weeks!
    HOWEVER there is a certain style he won't wear - we both don't think look good on men. We have an inside joke about them because they look like the kind of sandals you always see on 2 year olds.



    we refer to them as "Toddlers"!!:roflmfao: