Men in Knee-high-boots ?????

  1. Hey guys....

    I just loooooove knee-high boots.... but unfortunately, they are really very hard to get for boys without looking like a gothic. :shrugs:
    A couple of days ago I found a pair , but they are actually made for women, which you can't tell, because they look like normal knee-high boots, flat, no heels.....

    But I was wondering, I mean, there has to be a reason why they are so not-availabe for men.... :cursing:

    How do you feel about men in knee high boots???? Not thigh high, knee high, of course I would wear them OVER my pants/jeans/whatever, no heels, flat, and not really feminine....

    Please give me your honest opinions, since those shoes only cost like 100 bucks...... and I would totally get them, if you'd agree...... ;o)

    Thanks in advance.... :tup:


    R-A-D :crybaby:
  2. Do they fit your style & are you comfortable wearing them? Most men wear boots under boot cut denim, so little more than the toe shows, but if you are comfortable with your style, than go for it. I'm not a big believer in following fashion - rather find whatever style you are comfortable with and works for you. You may need to watch how you pair up pants if you plan to tuck them in, otherwise there is the risk of looking costumey (Ren Faire, goth). But, some of my favorite outfits ride the alt/goth industrial line & that's fine with me.

    Key question: Will it work with your style, do you love it & does it make you feel great?

    Another thing to consider: Will you have non-buyers remorse if you pass this up? Nothing suck more than taking 10 years to find something that sold out when you first fell in love with it.
  3. I like knee-high boots on men, but like the previous poster, my taste DOES tend strongly to goth/industrial. I don't see why a more understated boot wouldn't work equally well, though.

    I do think that if they're your style and you like them, you should go ahead and wear them :smile:.
  4. i luv knee boots but i like ones with heels lol. i tuck my jeans into them, and i think they look great.
  5. If they have the look to pull it off then why not? But I'll draw the line at them wearing tights and the boots... like Robin Hood or a court jester :throwup:
  6. I think as long as you like them and you feel comfortable wearing them, go for it. But since you're probably looking for more of an opinion than what i just gave, then maybe if you bought them and posted some pictures here, we'd have more feedback to give.
  7. I am not fond of men in knee high boots over pants, but that is irrelevant. I am a very firm believer in wearing what you love and what makes you feel like YOU, not what everyone else expects you to be. So don't wear the boots for people like me, and don't NOT wear them for people like me. Try them on with an outfit you'd like to wear with them, look in the mirror and you should know immediately whether you have to have them or not. Go with YOUR heart, not mine!
  8. Thanks a lot.... okay, well, I always wear skinny jeans, so they won't "pop" out .... LOL.... so no Robin Hood Look or that freaking cat with the boots.... xDDD

    Okay, you made me buy them, today I'll go back to the store and get them....

    as soon as I'll find the time to take pictures, I will, and I will post them in here....


    Thanks so much.... :tup:
  9. I have seen a few men rock the hunter rainboots with their jeans tucked in. (Those are knee high!)
  10. he he he, i'll be back to check. sorry, i don't mean to make you buy them, but, you'd probably get the most of our opinion if you do. we'll be waiting.
  11. post a pic!!!!
  12. They sound great - get them on and get your camera out.
  13. You look like the sort of person who could carry the look off so I would say 'do it!'. X
  14. Funny, I was just ribbing my BF about this, and telling him that I was going to buy him a pair for Xmas. I think I read too many Regency period english romance novels as a girl. I have this thing about men in "riding pants" with glossy boots! It's hilarious to see a post about this. I say go for it! I think it's hot! And I want to see pictures! Men should be able to have more flexibility in their dress.
  15. so, did you ever get them?