Men In Capris: What Do You Think ?

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]


    Chris Shipman for the New York Times
  2. Oh lord. Please don't tell me men are now wearing capris.
  3. Not really digging any of them, although I did see shorter pants with a sportcoat in the Armani book that were pretty hot together. If only I could sell the bf on it!
  4. Hmmm, except for that last photo, those all look like regular shorts to me.....? And the last photo is more like just extra-long shorts, not quite capri-length.

    Anyhoo, they're a little too metro for my taste. I prefer my man in beat-up khaki cargo shorts from the Gap. :smile:
  5. Ick. :Push:
  6. As a guy non of my shorts (apart form gym shorts) are that short! I only one of those that slightly appeals to me is the grey one and thats because they look like good fitting suit trousers cut above the knee. And the last one.............why pleat?
  7. I own several 3/4 length shorts -- I am quite happy with them and have gotten nothing but compliments on them from str8 guys, gay guys and women. I just think its about how you rock them.......

    And in my opinion, I agree with the other posters that those are not capri shorts -- they are just shorts.....mostly not that attractive shorts.
  8. All of those guys are wearing long sleeved shirts. That just kills it for me. If they were wearing short sleeves it would help a lot. For the most part, I do not care for the look. Like Clake says, depends on how you rock 'em.
  9. Those aren't capris! They are city shorts and are intended as a smart alternative that someone "could" wear to work. The look is all wrong in those pics so they look utterly ridiculous.

    I've seen plenty of men wearing these type shorts and they can look quite stylish but I prefer the dressed down look of wearing them with sneakers and a tee, why would you be wearing sandals, shorts and a sweater or jacket in summer anyway??!!
  10. completely agree with Mooks & Kristy! not capris! Capris end just above the ankle, those are definietly 'city shorts' & frankly, I don't mind them. now, what I HATE!!!!!!!!!! wit ha passion is men who wear those just below the knee shorts in a tracksuit/shell suit type material. All the English girls know thw material I mean...
  11. Yuck! Shorts shouldn't be worn out unless it's very, very, very(!!) casual or some sort of teen or child or pop star fashion IMO, very hairy legs are nasty and should be kept in pants and has nothing to do in a work environment, and not really in an urban environment either. =-/

    But I agree though, these aren't really capris.
  12. I don't think those are capris. They are shorts. I do not think they are appropriate for office attire which is why I think they have them with briefcases and long sleeve shirts. Looks dumb.
  13. I think that guy looks HOT! (except for those ugly sandals!)
  14. i'm not really feelin the style on men but who knows maybe i'll see some guy rockin the style.
  15. Only in Singapore 'cos of the weather, and I like wearing them a little longer..with leather sandals or driving shoes...
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