Men In Bling !!!

  1. My Husband wears an amazing watch, his wedding band and great cuff links that's it.

    How much jewelry does your man wear ?
  2. Just a watch, which I bought him for christmas a few years back. He's not a very flashy guy. ;)
  3. His wedding band and a gold chain that has an anchor on it (he's a boater). Nothing flashy.
  4. A watch and his class ring.
  5. My BF wears a Tateossian silver razor blade shaped ring (when he can find it! :rolleyes: ) and a watch.

    He wants to have a copy of the ring made in white gold, or platinum, with a small sapphire in the corner.
  6. He only wears one of those thick strapped watches, and that's it. He hates jewellery otherwise.
  7. -Cartier watch
    -cufflinks (they vary: Cartier, Babette Wasserman, Tateossian, Duchamp, etc.)

    -wedding band (only if we're going out to dinner or an event.)
  8. Watch and wedding ring.

    However, he has the look that can carry off jewelry if her chooses and has been told that time and time again...some men can wear it and some men don't do jewelry well
  9. Wedding band only.
  10. Watch, wedding band on right pinky finger, necklace, and bracelet