Men! I need your opinion! (But ladies can chime in too!)

  1. I'm planning on getting something for my good friend for his birthday on Groundhog's Day.

    He lives in FL and is like the older brother I never had. He'll be 52.

    I first was thinking a tie, but he's not working at the moment, so I don't know how useful that would be considering he lives in shorts most of the time because of the weather.

    I'd like to keep it under $200 and in the classic monogram range (I plan on getting his partner something in Damier in October for his birthday.)

    I've got it narrowed down to:

    The 4 Key Holder:

    Credit Card Holder:


    I know he uses a planner most of the time to hold his checkbook, calendar, etc, and I know how hard it is to pick out a wallet because it is such a personal choice. I'm open to other suggestions as well, we'll be shopping on Thursday.
  2. The Credit Card Holder or a Porte Cartes Simple are my suggestions. :smile:
  3. Thanks John! You have great taste so that really helps me out!
  4. The CC holder is a great choice! Or maybe a mono belt to hold up the shorts?
  5. the Multicles is my pick of the two. a belt would be fine as well :yes: but i kinda still prefer a fine silk tie personally.
  6. My son has the Porte Cartes Simple and he loves it!
  7. I bought this for a business associate and had his initials heat stamped inside. It is the business card holder but it can also hold cc's. It comes in Damier or Mono and is $170.

  8. My DH says the business card holder. I agree if he's got a car his car key might be pretty bulky in the 4 key and bend the lovely shape of the item.
  9. cc holder is my choice!
  10. maybe a pocket organizer a little over at 225 ?
  11. The business card holder is nice.
  12. Thanks everyone! I do like the idea of getting it heat-stamped. I'll let you know whatever I choose!
  13. mono cles. so great to just pick up and go. a few cards, some cash, an id, and your car key. what else can you need. plus you garner more compliments because it's usually in view.

  14. The Damier CC holder is pretty good at $170.
  15. You read my mind!!! That is an excellent choice for guys. I don't carry that much cash so sometimes I just use it for my wallet to carry a credit card and driver's license when I am going out for a little bit. :smile: