Men Fall-winter 2007/08 Show Bags Picture's Galore!!!

  1. Need I say More:nuts:
    the bags will start to be released around August and the whole collection will be available by December 2007 there's no info on the pricing just yet nor do I know if there is a waiting list available at this time.
    and just so you know this will be my new fall baby!!!
    picture credits go to and used for the sole purpose of refferance and informative aid, collage credits go to me:graucho:
  2. thanks ! loves it
  3. I like the bags for the men, very stylish indeed! I think my fave are the first two bags from the left in the fourth row - the alligator sac plat & the the bag next to it :p
  4. I really would like that huge one, but I fear I will be too small for it as I'm probably a lot smaller than that model. >_< And I'm getting one of those tiney ones whatever it is.
  5. I wan't them all ugh im so greedy:dftt:
  6. Wow a lot of more choises for men, I love them all!!!!
  7. im really loving this collection... i've posted my faves in my blog ;)
  8. me too id kill to have one of those alligator bags:drool:
    i'll have to settle with the mono...
  9. great pics thanks
  10. Hate to burst your bubble lol but I put my name down for a few things already and I am going today to review it with my SA and get my new LV !!! :smile:
  11. wow there are so many that i like!!! should i start saving now for the alligator bag?!?! haha...the mono with black lthr trim will work...

  12. The large postal like bag is amazing! Thanks for the pics!
  13. These bags are really nice.

    Props to Marc, after a disatrous womens line.
  14. Thanks for pics. Are you going to be getting any latinmalemodel?