Men Fall/Winter 2007/08 RUNWAY PICS !!!

  1. Aligator and burgundy seems to be the next fall trends

    73119258.jpg 73119294.jpg 73119306.jpg 73119397.jpg 73119402.jpg
  2. more
    73120510.jpg 73120540.jpg 73120547.jpg
  3. Where did u get these pics?!?! I LOVE THE MONOGRAM BAGS!
  4. Thanks for sharing.
  5. All hail Fred!!! Thanks for the pics!!!

    I'm REALLY feeling the black leather on the Monogram bags!!! It reminds me of that hot backpack... the Christopher. and the hot suitcase, the Larry. :drool:

    I'm not feeling any RTW... :s
  6. inital feelings..... I like it!!
  7. more

    love the big bag and the damier tshirt
    73120630.jpg 73120622.jpg 73120609.jpg 73120634.jpg
  8. not so sure about those pink pink trainers!!
  9. more
    73120663.jpg 73120655.jpg 73120644.jpg 73120638.jpg
  10. K I am LOVING these BAGS!!!! SIGN ME UP!!! LOL
  11. The Damier Key Holder tee is pretty cute!
  12. they're bringing the black leather trim on Mono canvas back!!!! loving the clothes too... nothing too trendy. just the way i like it :yes:
  13. even more
    73120649.jpg 73120640.jpg 73120555.jpg 73120557.jpg
  14. Now I figure out what SA ment with mono with darker trims last time I visited. I thought she ment dentelle, but I guess this must be it. Perhaps it's to be around quite soon?
  15. Love the big soft bag, one seems to have a perforated logo and the other one big and bold stripes.

    love the mono with the chocolate trim !