Men don't cry: I think it's a myth

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  1. Thinking back to my three serious relationships, all of my boyfriends have cried at least two times each.

    Have you seen your significant other cry?
  2. i've seen my boyfriend of 5 years cry 1-2 times i think........but i'd prefer that he didn't....i know women are supposed to love sensitive men, and i'm all for sensitivity, but i really can't stand it when men cry.....i find it really really irritating and tend to snap at them....i guess that makes me mean :Push:
  3. are babies sometimes....
  4. Hubby cried when we got married and when kids sing at plays, church. or Christmas, and when he found out I was preggo.

    A friend of mines DH cries all the time. When he is stressed, ignored, angry, or whatever.
    I could not handle a guy like that...I am just happy that DH is not like that.
  5. my first and second serious boyfriends cried during our relationships, and my current one tries his veeeeery best not to but i might have seen a tear eek out once or twice.
  6. I've seen him teared but not really cry cry.
  7. I wish my current bf would cry more.... it's a good release and stirs up chemicals that bring down your stress level. I've only seen him cry tears of laughter whenever I do something silly/stupid/clumsy. :P
  8. My husband does not cry, ever! which leads me to believe he's a pod. ;)
  9. Many times :sad:
  10. My husband has cried quite a few times (our wedding, birth of our son, etc.) and will tear up every once in awhile. It's actually kind of endearing...
  11. My boyfriend does not cry. He's a freakin' robot.
  12. No, not my DH, not even at our own wedding! I still tease him about it. And maybe one of my exs cried .. I like it that way, men are very different from women and I cry easily so DH's emotional stability balances things out for me.
  13. Funny that so many of us become uncomfortable when men cry! I admit I find it a little unnerving. I have a father who would never dream of shedding a tear so maybe I get my ideas of how men should be from him.
  14. I'd say it's a myth too. I've seen my husband cry, but not very often. Only when we got married and a couple times when we got in big fights--it made me feel better. Lol, that sounds mean but sometimes when we are fighting I feel like he is just blank--like he doesn't care what I have to say or something, but when he cries I know that he actually cares and is affected by whatever it is we're fighting about.
  15. I wouldn't be able to handle a guy like that either ... weird for me to imagine a guy like that.