Men choosing a bag

  1. I was at Fenwicks briefly yesterday. I was buying new pillows, but I always seems to pass the handbag section to have a bit of a swoon over the bags.
    There was a man buying a bag for his wife for Valentine's Day (on what planet do you get Mulberry for VDay??). Anyway, the salesgirl helped him pick out a Soho gold. He was saying "I don't think she has a gold bag, but she likes gold jewellery!!
    She assured him his wife will love it. She might love it, but I hope he kept the receipt.

    My point is what would make a man think that he should spend so much money on something he is not sure she will like...based on the help of a 20 year old salesgirl???

    I told my husband that even if he is ever inclined to buy me a bag for an occasion...Don't! That may sound ungrateful, but I would never want my husband to chose my bags. Not that there is any worry of that, I got a coffee maker for Christmas.
  2. Andy bought me my first,an aqua Blenhiem,all by himself,and I was just bowled over!! I did subsequently swap it for a choc one as I was worried it would get grubby if I used it all the time,but thats a whole other story!!
    He picked one he thought I would have gone for myself,knowing my tastes and was spot on!! And,hahaha!! He did keep the receipt just in case!!
    But it was the thought that won me over completely!!
  3. Lucky girl!
    My husband would not get it right at all. He knows my style, but he would immediately gravitate over to the Guess bags to save some cash!!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^ Hahahaha!!! Sounds like Andy!! But now he knows me well enough that if it ain't right,I moan!!! So he's got very good at saving his ears!!
  5. My hubby would never get me a bag , he just lets me choose and pays .Although he has been away on business trips and called me from stores describing what he thinks I may like . Needless to say I always decline . You never know what you'll get and I wouldn't want to upset him , bless!!

  6. Same here! My DH would rather me be happy, so I pick out what I want! It's much easier for him that way!
  7. My DH has learned the hard way. He once bought me a dress - big mistake! Now he steers clear of clothes and would never dream of buying me a bag - the price alone would make him keel over!
    He's actually a fab present buyer when he sticks to safe areas - linen, stationery, candles, music, books, house.
    He did buy me a fab Paul Smith style business card holder this year tho so he's getting more adventurous.

    Not long ago I was in John Lewis looking at the bags & a chap came in, said he was buying a bag for his mother. SA showed him Mabel, he took one look, said 'yeah, fine' and bought it. £695! Hope my sons turn out like that!!!
  8. I think I would be unable to hide the disappointment if I got a gold bag:throwup:
  9. That is how my husband is with his mother. As you can imagine, my mother-in-law and I get along really well. :push:
  10. My BF buys me a lot of bags and usually I like them all, I can't believe no one here as a BF as gay as mine. :p. Off hand I can only think of 3 bags he's bought me that i've asked him to return and then I think it waas because he was sucked in my some stupid SA. He actually has great taste, probably more so than me, we're very much a role-reversal couple. He's at home cooking my dinner now while i'm still at work!