Men/Celebrity Males Using LVs - Pics/Recommendations

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  1. Hi All,

    Dont know how many guy members here? but do any of you have pics of guys/male celebrities carrying LV bags. The other thread mostly featured female celebrities. I am thinking of getting a bag for casual weekend use in the city. Any recommendations? If any of you here have pictures of celebrity male with LVs would be great. I have seen Nick lachey carrying bags for Jessica, but is that all? Hhmmm....I thought there were more metrosexual males than that....?

    Any pics? Would be good to start a collection of pics here...
  2. Kayne West sports a mc wapity, I think there's pics in the Celeb section.
  3. And don't forget, Pharrell designed the Millionaire sunglasses !
  4. i don't have a pic but I saw Justin Timberlake at KOI usuing a mono wapity as a camera case. I thought it looked good on him.
  5. I *secretly* wish my BF would carry a Damier LV bag or a Keepall when we travel
  6. My husband carries this one :smile: and I just bought him this mono wallet for Fathers Day
    p10020590_ph_hero.jpg p10260922_ph_hero.jpg
  7. i just bought a monogram canvass long wallet for my hubby...its for our anniversary :yes:
  8. Men look great in louis vuitton.
  9. Here is the most stylish man on the planet with his Vuittons:
    315.jpg 341.jpg 464.jpg 466.jpg f1.jpg normal_100409981hq.jpg
  10. He looks yummy on that suit.
  11. I think he looks yummy in ANYTHING!!!:love:
  12. LV addict.....David Beckham should have been your husband!!

    By the way, have you seen latest pics of Victoria Beckham carrying a BJ birkin? I saw the pics at TFS and it was fabulous!! BJ birkin in clemence leather!! You can find the pics at spicewatch!.
  13. You mean this pic:
  14. I WISH!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: Maybe in my next life!
  15. lol I love this color of birkin
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