men carrying Lv speedy??

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  1. Hi all,

    I know there were some similar threads to this, but i just couldn't find it anywhere :sad:.. so just wanna ask how you feel about this..

    Was having dinner tonight with some friends and half way through our meal, 3 guys came in and one of them was carrying a Monogram Speedy..he looked very sloppy (i think he was trying to pull off i-can't-be-bothered-to style-myself-but-i-still-look-like-brad-pitt style).. but he failed miserably- a few buttons were undone (and honestly, he wasn't in the best of shape), his pants hung really low and he was carrying the speedy with his elbow up..i know it wasn't polite of me, but i was so shocked, i stared at him with my mouth open till a friend jolted me back..the image is so wrong :sad: kinda feel that his whole apperance is doing the bag injustice

    I know some male models can easily pull any women bags on the catwalk.. but why would any guys wanna carry women's bags in real life??
  2. I think it could look really cool if the outfit is coordinated, and I admire every guy (or girl) who has the guts to dress unexpectedly.

    And for the guy in the resturant; He probably just wanted something that held all his things, and the speedy is versatile :yes:
  3. I think everyone has a right to wear whatever they please. And no I do not think it's doing any injustice for the bag.
  4. YOu made me chuckle out loud...I could envision you staring and your friend giving you the elbow. ;)
    The scene you described doesn't sound good. i like men w/lv's...but I guess I do equate speedy's w/females. I'd have to see a man (w/it all together) carry one before I'd know for sure.
  5. Why did women start wearing pants? Do you think they do/or rather did do injustice to male fashion?

    As long as someone looks good they look good. It seems like the major problem here wasen't the bag, but the whole look. Sounds like he was a slob.
  6. I carry a mono speedy and a mono large noe
    Why injustice to the bags?? I didn't get that part of your thread...
    But in my honest opinion I think everybody should carry whatever they want
    When I pick my bags I pick what I want I never think about what was understated on the male or female collection, i just buy whatever I like...
  7. very few men can pull that off. and honestly? the speedy is not the best piece for a man to carry. there are plenty more pieces that suit men FAR better.
  8. Im all for human's right :smile:.. but just for the sake of asking, would you date a guy who carry an LV speedy??
  9. Im referring to his whole look that is doing injustice to the bag.. not the men part..i apologised for bad phrasing of the sentence..
  10. My Dh hates even holding my purses for a few seconds. I seriously can't picture him carrying a man-bag. That said, to each his own--if a man wants to carry a bag, who am I to judge?
  11. haha! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. LOL true.
  13. Same, I make my BF carry my Tulum sometimes. I just told him about my new Rivets back. I said, "Yeah, kinda bummed it's not a shoulder bag, oh well." The first thing he said? "Aw, man, that's gonna be harder for me to carry." :p
  14. The speedy is a very unisex bag. My mother likes to say that mines looks like luggage. It doesnt have the rounded, feminine shape of something like the Ribera!

    If you like it, rock it!
  15. maybe he's gay......... and gay guys are HOT with LVs! lol but from your desciption of him (sloppy and ungroomed)...... I dunno how hot he can be........ meh, it's not my business. If he wants to carry LV or whatever other brand, let him! He's not harming me, so I don't really care.
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