Men can be so frustrating!!!

  1. My boyfriend frustrates me so much sometimes! When he needs to go somewhere, he'll get ready like 2 minutes before, stand up and be like, "okay, well, i'm going to go" or "okay, you ready?". I can't get ready in 2 minutes!! It's not like I primp for ages, but come ON, give me time to actually grab my stuff and put on some clothes. :cursing:

    Does anyone else's man do this?
  2. Men will always frustate us...LMAO......Its in their genes..hee.hee.
  3. ^ What Jill said :roflmfao:

    Actually Vlad is kinda the other way... I will tell him "Ok be ready in 5" "ok we need to go now" And then he hops up to begin to find his clothes, shoes, keys, wallet, etc. Those are always all over the place or he can't find them- so I wait on my man?!?! Seems backwards right!!!!
  4. My DH does that! He doesn't give me any warning, and then he's on me to hurry up, so then I'm ready and waiting at the door and he's looking for his keys, or I'm sitting in the car waiting because he forgot something. Very annoying! lol
  5. My husband is very good about letting me take my time to get ready etc...and GUARANTEE I will finally be done and he will be looking for his keys, or most of all his shoes...(or which pair to wear) so ... I always have to wait!! But usually just for like 2 minutes but STILL!!!
  6. Same here, I will be in the car and he will be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off cause he can't find his stuff, which, of course is somehow my fault..
  7. ^ My dad totally does that to my mom and I. He's always like, I'm just on the net surfing because you guys are slow and then when we're reading to go, he's like, wait, i'm just in the middle of downloading something!!! Hmm, who's slow??? :rolleyes:

    So today my bf left my place fast because he needed to get his gear before a rugby game. But the reason I was pissed is because he wouldn't wait for me to come with him (I had to get something from his place, too). Then halfway there, he calls and says he'll wait for me to get here before leaving because like I predicted, he had a FULL hour to waist. Sighhhh. Men, so frustrating but they're so cute sometimes.
  8. my husband ie very nice about this. he does not mind waiting for me to get ready because he knows i will be grumpy if i dont feel like i look ok. and when i am grumpy, he gets grumpy too.
  9. Oh mine is exactly the same lol While I'm getting prepared he's watching TV, but somehow we always end up me ready at the door waiting for him !
    "where are my keys ? can't find these shoes, I need to brush my teeth, I forgot my wallet, I just need to make a quick call, etc.....":roflmfao:
  10. My mom will say something like, 'I'll be ready in about 10 minutes.' Well, in My Mom Time, 10 minutes is an hour. (It's gotten to the point where my dad either threatens to go without her or just not go.)
  11. Mr. Puff has 4 older sisters.

    Whenever we are to go anywhere, he lets me know two weeks in advance.
  12. my DH will not complain about waiting on me..but he does like to ask me to choose his clothes for him and asks while I'm doing make up! I'm relatively quick for a woman in getting ready so not much of a problem unless I'm having a bad hair day or 'ugly' day...then I will change a few times! haha
  13. They are just so much simpler. My husband is ready in like 5 min. and I say I will be too, but he knows it is more like and hour. He leaves me alone though and never nags.
  14. :roflmfao:

    Have trained the bf well enough for him to know that he needs to let me know ONE HOUR in advance if we're going out. He's pretty used to it by now, and waits at the pc if I take longer. ;)
  15. Maybe there is something wrong? It seems like all your SOs are good about waiting. :sad: I thought there would be at least some guys like this. Uh oh.