Men & Birkins

  1. What do you think of men carrying birkins? Here in Japan, guys are very much into fashion just like the women. Stylish yet sexy & macho.

    :love: Takuya Kimura.:heart: :heart::heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Hmmmmmm....I love Japanese fashion but that's something I don't think I EVER want to see. I wouldn't find it macho at all......
  3. I saw a GREAT ad of a man in a business suit with a well-worn/broken-in dark brown Birkin striding down a street and thought it was terrific. The bag was really, really lived in with a great patina. I liked it! Now, if my DH strolled around town with a Birkin, he'd be laughed off the street....but he's not a business suit kinda guy.....
  4. :shocked: Is that a waste of a good bag?:shocked:
  5. Maybe a very large luggage size Birkin is ok, but it would bother me if it were a 25cm or 30cm or even a 35cm.
  6. Totally agree. Men should either go for very large birkins like size 40cm or totally hands-free.

    :yes: :yes:
  7. My husband could pull one off, but don't know if he would want to carry one.
  8. I'd love to see some photos. It's definitely an idea I've been toying with...

  9. Ryan.....I think if you carry a briefcase of some kind for work, you could probably pull it off instead of the briefcase. Just make sure it's a BIG Birkin....not a small one otherwise it'll look too much like a handbag. You could also use it for traveling.....
  10. OOOPS! Hold the phone, everyone! I just checked the ad I saw and he's holding a.....KELLY! I'll try to take a pic of the ad and post it so you can see, Ryan. But I still think a man could pull off a Birkin....just thought I'd seen it but sadly, no.....
  11. OK. Here's the pic....I got this from "Handbags, A Lexicon of Style" by Valeria Steele and Laird Borrelli. A Gorgeous book!
  12. Bryanboy is one of the birkin carrying men..
  13. that pic is weird!! I guess I could maybe see a man if like mentioned above, you carry a briefcase - but I would think it would too fussy for a man to close it to keep things dh??!! No way - he won't even eat quiche!
  14. I'd rather see one carrying a Kelly Briefcase.
  15. Oh my, I think this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen!!!! :shocked: I have to get my husband one of those,... do you mind if I clip this and print it so I can show my husband?