Men and Women Are Like-Minded Luxury Shoppers

  1. Found this interesting.

    Today from MarketingProfs:

    "The labels say one of their ultimate goals is to get men to shop more like women -- making more impulse purchases and being open to items they didn't intend to buy when they walked into the store."


    "The labels say it makes business sense to target men now. In the 12 months ended Oct. 31, U.S. sales of men's apparel rose 2.6% to $56.3 billion -- faster than the 1.9% growth to $103.5 billion in the women's apparel market, according to market researcher NPD Group."

    Gee, my DH has his first Hermes experience this weekend...wonder if he'll go back?! I doubt it! No way! :nogood: His brands are less leather, scarf, clothing, jewlery oriented and more scotch, vehicle, and cigar oriented!

    But he does know I love anything that comes in orange!! That said, I would like the impulse buyer bug to bite him really hard in the tush...then maybe he'd come home with a scarf for me! :graucho:
  2. Impulse buying bites me like a *****. I buy stuff, dont use it, and then want to return it, but I feel bad, so I keep it, and end up passing it on as presents. But I do less impulse buying with clothes and stuff like wallets, manbags and shoes. But moreso with stuff like phones, MP3 players and books. I know books sounds weird, but I don't like paperbacks, so I end up spending like £25 on a book, and I might not even read it.