Men and pocket squares

  1. Lately, I have found some great pochettes at the MEN's department at NM. I just wondered if anyone has ever seen a guy wearing one of these?
  2. Yes Rose, I've seen them folded and tucked in a breast pocket of a suit coat.
  3. Of course! It's the old school way for a guy's tie and suit to match, then come together *voila* the pocket square.

    It's a little dated, though... unless they are truly well put together... then it is quite charming. Think handsome older gentleman, rather than young up-and-coming guy. :yes:
  4. I am 31 and have several Pucci pocket squares I inherited from my Grandfather -- I love them. I use them with my blazers and jeans for a pop of color and have simply tucked them hanging out from my back pocket of jeans for something fun.

    I don't find them old -- I think they are a cool accessory if you can mix it with the right about of sass and respect for the old school.
  5. :yes: I saw this a lot when I worked at the Capitol in Sacramento.

  6. I second that. I love seeing men who can pull that look off. Not just anyone can.
  7. I think its a great look, but I don't see people actually wearing it hardly ever. I do see men on the satorialist website wearing it though.
  8. ^^^I guess I'm hogging them all down here! I see men wearing pocket squares with their suits at least once a day.
  9. Oh, can you model them for us? I would love to see how they can be used.
  10. Take some sneaky pics for me! I have never seen one in use here in NJ...or in NYC. Come to think of it, never saw one in London either.
  11. ^^LOL Rose! I only started using a computer regularly around 4 years ago, and finally gave in and got a very basic, stripped down cell phone only about 6-8 months ago. I still steer clear of anything like digital cameras, DVD players, etc. I swear to the skies I can break any piece of technology by just thinking about taking it up. My DH calls me his little Luddite.