Men and Neverfull

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  1. Would you be schocked seeing a man wearing a Neverfull, especially the GM ? I hesitate to buy it for myself but I am afraid it to be too feminine for me !
  2. lol I was thinking about starting a similar thread
    I will wait until damier neverfull is released I think the best is to try it yourself at the boutique
    But for me the mono is very fem
  3. Well i think a man wearing the neverfull would be like a man wearing antigua which i have seen. Check it out and see how it is. Maybe damier is more masc though.
  4. If you are confident in youself, then yes it is ok. Don't let other tell you what you shouldn't be. If you are familiar with Bryanboy, he's been starting a trend for guys to have a reason to wear a purse.
  5. i personally wouldn't carry one. but that's just me. if you like it, then why not? it takes more than seeing a guy carrying a Neverfulll to shock the Duck ;)
  6. Too fem - yes! It's those strings on the sides and the narrow straps. I think the leather trim looks too delicate for a guy's style.
  7. I tried it on and no, I don't think ti looked good on me. Maybe some guys could pull it off, but I think there are other similar type of bags that a guy could carry that looks a lot better. Like the LOVE 2 tote.
  8. hmmmm all honesty, it would probably catch my eye if I saw a man with a neverfull....seems a bit too feminine for that.
  9. It's very feminine with the small straps and the thingies on the sides... maybe damier will look better
  10. I love men who carry speedies haha!

    So, the neverful is no different for me!
  11. IMO the Neverfull is a tad too femme...
    I think guys look best wearing messengers/cross body bags/briefcase or handheld type bags.
  12. why not but the men's line offers so many great bags.
  13. I think it's too feminine. Maybe you should wait until they come out with Damier.
  14. i think the little tie things on the side make it too feminine. i saw one today for the 1st time, and thought it was a little too dainty as far as the i am going to stick to my bh for now. but who knows, it may grow on me.
  15. Unfortunality yes, it is too fem (at least that's what I'm thinking). But I know what you mean. For myself, I've been thinking of buying the speedy in epi. Instead, I'm just going for the keepall45 en epi - in that way I'm getting my bag which surrently is for guys ;)