Men and LV

  1. Just husband recently got so jealous about all my nice bags that he decided he needed something special to carry too. He purchased an LV wallet for himself and loves it. Does anyone else's man carry LV also?
  2. Not yet but someday I'll buy him a wallet!
  3. Yes my DH has a damier wallet. His boss has one and so does a few of his male colleagues at work. :tup:
  4. Yes....and he's the only one standing in the way of me having a closet full of LV to myself! Never thought I'd have to "share" the LV fund! :roflmfao:

    At least he's a LVoer, appreciates it, and doesn't cringe when I go LV shopping!
  5. My Dad. He likes to carry some luxury items because of his status and career.
  6. My Dad has a monogram wallet, my boyfriend has a monogram wallet, epi belt and business card holder (getting a bag soon!), and my lil' brother will be given a wallet at the end of this year! :p
  7. Not yet. I think when the Gucci wallet I bought DBF gets worn, I will get him an LV wallet in either Damier, Taiga, or Utah.
  8. Yep. My DH so far has a few items inclusive of sunnies, two wallets, "urban neckwear" (a necklace" as he likes to call it, lol, an LV cup bag, and when it arrives, he'll have an ipod case. He also wants more items like a new bag for school. Oh yes, he also uses a denim cles for change.
  9. Mine loves his damier wallet and business card holder. He would love to have more, but only in the damier.
  10. my BF has a keepall when we travel.
  11. My husband loves LV. He has the monogram abbesses, a couple of wallets, 4 pairs of cufflinks and 4 pairs of shoes. and I am sure he is not done yet. My 8 year old son has a hand me down LV wallet. He is very proud of it.:love:
  12. i got my husband a mono pocket organizer. he likes it because its not as bulky as the other mens wallet.
  13. yes my hubby has a mono wallet,and he is asking for something to carry his laptop in.
  14. i got my fiance' a taiga wallet and he loves it. thinking of getting him a messenger and shoes in the future :biggrin:
  15. my dad has a taiga wallet. he figured he needed to look good for his japan trip (maybe that's his way of saying that my mom and i look good carrying LV? lol). working on the bf though. he has a beat up jack spade wallet.