Men and handbag prices....they just don't get it....

  1. least, some of them don't....many do ( thank goodness!)

    It's because the handbag.....and I mean THE HANDBAG.....the mysterious thing that ladies carry everywhere.....that we always have with us in some form or fashion......THAT THING.....with a HANDLE on our arms.....

    just surely could not cost THAT much.......BECAUSE men do not understand the CONCEPT of the handbag! THEY don't carry how could they?

    ( everyone, I'm not yelling at you:p ...just emphasizing!!)

    Now, in Europe, yes, you see men with bags.....but in the US and I'm sure other countries, it's the ladies with the bags/accessories.

    The idea of carrying a sac whose contents are our life's possessions does not occur to a man.....he sees it as a "woman thing" and therefore, not essential to least not to HIS life.....they just don't get it....

    And, many of these same men will pay over 100K for a car!!
  2. All I have to do is bring up the car thing. At least our Hermes holds its value and more sometimes. Most cars only loose value...
  3. 2muchlux, this is true! Usually, either a car has to be hot off the presses and very rare, or, it has to age 20 years to bring back a money return.

    Not always, but most times....
  4. I was lucky that front the START I way cute and coy about my shoes and handbag addiction!!

    That way he can never say I wasn't always like that!! hehe I tell him (jokingly) I was a snake when he picked me up but isn't snakeskin beautiful??

    Actually, my fav is honey coloured aligator but I digress :heart:
  5. isus what happened? what inspired this post?
  6. My SA called yesterday and offered me a 30cm black croc Birkin with fuschia details. My husband, upon learning the price, said "Ohhhh, it's not worth it, Honey!" :rolleyes:
    ...and I thought the price was great! :hysteric:
    I turned down :cursing:
  7. LOL!!!!! ISUS!!! How true!!! HOW TRUE!!!!! Hundreds and thousands of dollars are spent on expensive cars by men of all ages.....without a blink of an eye! I know some young men with the basic of jobs shelling out small fortunes for spinners and gigantic tires and sound systems that'll blow your eardrums out!
  8. hmmm, dh doesn't care about cars - likes them to be safe (audi or volvo), fit him (he's tall) and subtle (navy). if we had the $$, dh would have bought me 3 bolides by now. :love: :love: :heart: :heart:
    :nuts:HEY! i ought to start a thread dedicated to him. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Good idea - So sweet!
  10. Hiheels, it wasn't anything that happened with me or my DH....but, rather, just reading a lot of posts/comments here. I felt that I hear as often as not, those closest to us just do not understand the interest in not only Hermes, but, often in other things..... jewelry, clothing....and other adornment.

    HiHeels, what a sweet post! A thread dedicated to your DH!
  11. My DH isn't into any luxury goods or expensive hobbies- that's my problem. He doesn't really splurge on anything! Well, except wines but he would argue that wine is a necessity, whereas a handbag is something that you should buy as cheap as possible because it's only a bag. (<--- That is his view, certainly not mine!) He'd rather buy me jewelry or expensive cameras, but not a handbag.

  12. Your words are soo true. How many of us have been labeled materialistic, simply because we enjoy nice things? If you appreciate the beauty of a stunning diamond, and it makes you feel happy, does that make you materialistic? I don't think so. I think if you place priority on obtaining material things, that is being HM, which is totally different ball game. That's why I gave up trying to explain it to people who just don't get it. Thank goodness for tPF girls.:smile: Great thread!
  13. My bf, after 5 years of dating, has come to accept my expensive habits, as he has his own :biggrin: He doesn't believe my habits are without taste though, as he likes that I pick classy, tasteful pieces. He helps me pay for my items too :love: I have my Hermes, nice clothes, and makeup, and he has his technology (game consoles and pcs mostly). My Dad doesn't understand it at all, hah; my Mom was being rather rude today and let it slip to my Dad how much I'd *cough*told*cough* her the price of my Bolide was...$1,500...SHH!!! she finally found Hermes today while out with me, and I made the mistake of staring at my beloved bag too long...and he told me if it makes me happy and I have the money, it's fine but he would like to see me save the funds (though geez by the end of the year I'll have a bunch saved, so no worries there!). not loving the idea though >_> But I only need one parental on my side, the other one usually gives up and follows suit :happydance:
  14. Awww, that's so cute, HiHeels. My DH would also love to buy me lots of H bags & feels bad that he can't. Sometimes I try not to talk about H bags too much 'cos he knows how much joy I get from them. He says he's looking forward to the day when we can walk into H & he can buy me whatever I like without thinking about it. :love:Luckily his love (bmx bikes - yes, he's a 38 year old child!) is not very expensive.
  15. hey, same here. sometimes i start to talk about the bags to dh and i can see he is feeling bad, but so i explain that i just want to talk about them, that i'm not complaining, just sharing. then he feels better and he can listen to me:rolleyes: but i can see it in his face when i mention it, so it's a good thing there is tPf for endless chatting. :yes:
    love my dh. sometimes i toy with the idea of letting him pick my bolide when i'm ready to get it, because it would be a fun way to include him and it would make me love the bag even more. he bought my current bag and when i think about that, it makes it the perfect bag!
    but then... who knows what i might end up with...:amazed: or :happydance: lol