Men and Fashion


Jul 28, 2008
What do you guys think about men that are into fashion? I'm talking about the ones that know all about designer clothes and love going shopping with you? The ones that give you fashion advice and what not.

My boyfriend is clueless about fashion and designers. He watches Project Runway with me sometime when he happens to be around when it's on. That's about the extend of fashion that he would tolerate. He runs the opposite direction when I mention the word "mall" and he can't tell the difference between Mark Jacobs and Mossimo for Target. The most expensive handbag he knows is Coach and that was through me (he'll be in for a rude awakening when he finds out how much my LV, Gucci, and Diors cost). His wardrobe consist of t-shirts and basketball shorts.

Sometimes I wish he would be more conscientious about fashion but most of the time I'm glad that he's so oblivious to designers. I think I would feel intimidated if my boyfriend knows more about fashion than I do. If a guy knows or cares too much I just figure either he's metrosexual or plain gay.

What do you guys think about that? What's your significant other like?


Nov 18, 2007
It doesn't bother me. Just like how some woman are hardcore sports fan. Fashion as no gender.

But.. dating wise, it's a turn-off. I like manly men. As long as my boyfriend dresses appropriately for the occassion, I'm fine.


Sep 22, 2006
I've been married to a man who prefers Levis and a t-shirt over anything else available for 11 years now, so I cannot imagine being with a man interested in fashion! I certainly love it when he wears suits and nice clothes, though, so a man with a moderate interest in fashion would be okay. Someone consumed by it would probably not be my style, though.


May 4, 2008
If it's excessive and he looks like a "pretty boy" then it's complete turn off for me. However, I really dislike (in general) the way some men dress like boys, instead of successful men.

I made my husband watch, "What Not to Wear" for years and because of that he dresses very well, but you couldn't get him to name 3 "hot" designers. His favorite store is Banana Republic which pretty much explains his style.

Too much is yucky, too little is yucky. I feel like Goldielocks. (I hate being picky, but there ya go)


♥In your eyes♥
Dec 29, 2007
i would like to have the guys who like fashion a lot as friends, but personally i like guys that are more masculine. lets just say i like football players :graucho: but then again i also do like the alternative musician not athletic but still toned type. i guess it all depends on the individual guy and their personality and how it "fits" (if that makes sense) with their interests. hope that answered your question!


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
My guy is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy but he LOVES shopping and knows a LOT about style. I love that combo in him! He is very much a GUY in the sense that he is obsessed with sports but isn't afraid to go shopping with me and has a good sense of style. He will hold my purse for me and could care less what others think. I consider myself very lucky. There is no one else I would rather shop with.


Apr 17, 2006
well, being a gay male, i have slightly different opinions.

i would like a guy who KNOWS how to dress, and appreciates designers, and knows how much they cost and respect it. and doesn't judge me by my spending habits.

but even so, i tend to be drawn to men that are little bit more rugged. it sounds weird, but i've only dated atheletes....waterpolo, volleyball, competition swimmer/lifeguard. they KNOW who the designers are, but they don't wear them, or make it a priority to stay up to date on the fashion world.

that's where i come in! i love dressing them because it always looks so good on their physiques. ;) it's like having your own real life ken doll.


Sep 11, 2008
^^^ That's what I do! Snaps for the 'mos! *snap snap snap*

My uncle and his fiancee compliment each other very well because they're both so big into fashion. Whenever they travel, they both agree that the one thing they're most excited about is going shopping. It's so cute!


Jul 18, 2007
honestly, I am a guy and my boyfriend was raised completely differently than me. it actually has come between us before, just in small instances...i just have expensive taste and he does not. he LOVES Coach and thinks it is luxury at its best...when in reality there are so many other brands out there.

he doesn't get mad WHEN I spend a lot of money, but does get rather upset when I suggest a new pair of True Religions over your standard pair of polo jeans....


Arizona wildflowers
Feb 4, 2008
What do you guys think about men that are into fashion? I'm talking about the ones that know all about designer clothes and love going shopping with you? The ones that give you fashion advice and what not.


I love them! My hair stylist/colorist is the most fashionable man I know. He is an expert at styling women and men. He just knows what looks good on you and I totally trust him. He even picked out my new pair of eyeglasses for me.

My DH does not care about fashion at all. He looks at my stacks of fashion mags and just shakes his head. All he cares about is sports. J/K
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Oct 2, 2007
This is so interesting to read =) , especially as a straight male. I personally recognize fashion as an outward reflection of who I am and what I enjoy. I like to dress well because it makes me feel good and is a reflection on who I am. Even though I like looking put togther for a lady, I do it for me. I enjoy wearing good suits and ties, as well as having a closet filled with dress shoes and designer jeans, thats just because its my personality, I know and study designers and trends because its just what I like to do. For me, it is important to find a woman who enjoys fashion at my level so we can compliment eachother as well understand what we like to spend money on lol.


Jul 28, 2006
For a boyfriend I want someone who is not into fashion, you don't want to have to compete for the wardrobe space. For a friend, particularly my gay friends I'm more accepting. The only caveat is that the boyfriend mustn't object when I spend money on fashion. X