Men and Coach?

  1. So the question is do you like the line of men's items Coach has?? :confused1:

    Items such as....

    Keyrings:[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Shoes: [​IMG]

    Outdoor apparel: [​IMG]



    Would you like your SO or DH to wear the line..or do you think it should be for just us gals?:graucho:

    I personally think Coach should stick more to women...I don't know many men that would carry the red sig. stripe wallet in the above picture...also couldn't see those scarves on one either. But that's my opinion..whats urs!?!
  2. As a guy I really like the anchor keychain- looked for it in the boutique the other day and would've bought it if they'd had it in stock. I have a messenger and a tote (getting ready to sell though) as well as a few pairs of shoes.
  3. first guy i've seen around here! :tup:
  4. I really like the shoes pictured above for men!!!!! I like some of the wallets too!!!! I wish Coach would expand to include more for men. PS....I have seen a few men on the forum...I like adds variety and a different perspective:yes: I do believe there are many male lurkers though....:smile:
  5. I like the shoes as well. Although most guys wouldn't wear the sig shoes. I got my hubby a couple of belts, a wallet, a cd case and a key fob. He loves them!!
  6. My fiance has the signature stripe wallet (pictured above) and he loves it! He wants me to get him another one! He has alot of belts too.
  7. My DH likes their keyfobs, belts (solid leather, no sigs), wallets (solid leather, no sigs), and messenger bags (solid leather, no sigs) - he thinks the Sigs are too feminine for him.
  8. With maybe the exception of a really nice leather briefcase, my husband would not wear any Coach. I've even tried to get him a leather wallet, but he just looks at me like I suggested he wear a pink tiara on is head!
  9. I have 2 pairs of Sig men's shoes and I want the Eric loafers. I have 3 bags and tons of accessories. No men or women in my life understand my obsession. I'm going to get the sig embossed wallet. Loooove it. If anything they should make MORE mens stuff.
  10. i wish dh would get a wallet but he is just not into it