Men and Coach

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  1. When we were in the outlet this weekend, my fiance saw a little leather cardholder he's been looking for...but, didn't buy it because it is Coach...and Coach is a women's handbag store...

    Any of your men out there have Coach accessories? I like the leather, and would love to get him one!
  2. My DH has a leather wallet and a friend of his actually has a brown sig wallet...
  3. DH has a wallet (his third Coach wallet) and a black leather bus card holder he keeps in his briefcase
  4. My DH thinks Coach is worse than a plague. Also, he has a kickass Tumi wallet and a really nice card holder whose brand I don't know. And he's not big on having lots of accessories - he's a status quo kinda guy.
  5. My Dad has always carried a Coach wallet, and he and my boyfriend both have Coach belts. Coach's leather is amazing-- no matter your gender! I've never heard it regarded as a girly brand.
  6. My husband asked me to pick up a wallet for him about a year ago. I got him one from the outlet and when he saw the price tag told me to take it back. (I think it was $69 or $79, big whoop) got him one at target and he carries it every day.
  7. ROFL:lol:..."Sigh"...:s

    DH would NEVER shop at Coach.:nogood:
    It's a shame because I would love for him to have a nice wallet from Coach (sig or leather!)

    He DOES go to the outlet at Christmastime with our 14 year old-going on 30-niece!

    But, no. DH has no Coach accessories.
  8. I got my dad into Coach. He has 3 signature wallets, a pair of loafers and a pair of sandals. I promised to get him something new for fathers day. He likes it and wears it but won't shop for it.
  9. haha, My bf LOVES Coach. Last time we were in the store he bought himself a new wallet. Ever since he saw the leather quality of my bags he was eager to see their men's products. I gave him a keychain with leather on it a while ago, and I know he's drooling over their leather messenger bags and briefcases. He's a big Kennith Cole lover (i bought him a new messenger and duffel bag from them for his birthday) but i think he's quickly becoming a Coach addict as well.
  10. my bf doesnt like coach, he loves LV
  11. My sweetie has a black business card holder and a few belts. He knows quality when he sees it!:yes:
  12. My DH has a wallet and a portfolio. He is looking at getting a "man bag", or a laptop bag of some kind.
  13. My DH has bought himself a couple different wallets from Coach...and it was his idea to buy our dogs their Coach collars, not to mention all the Coach stuff he's picked out on his own for me. He's pretty Coach-savvy (but he's probably not happy that i'm telling you all this. It'll tarnish his guy image). :graucho:
  14. Ordinarily I would say my bf would never carry anything Coach because he thinks I'm ridiculous about it. Now though, I can say differently.

    We were at the mall yesterday and I made him go to the Coach store with me so I could investigate the turquoise leather on their ergo hobos to make sure mine isn't the only one with the black "stuff" on it. (It isn't, btw.)

    While we were in there, he saw a black leather motorcycle style jacket on the mannequin and fell in love. He wants it so badly. I wish I could afford to get it for him right now. So now I think he's rethought the Coach thing. He has always agreed with me that Coach is great quality leather.

    I think I may get him a belt at some point, at least.
  15. my sister just got my BIL a Coach briefcase for his birthday and he loves it. I've also decided to get my dad a leather wallet for Father's Day. I don't think he will mind much since it's leather and not signature or anything.