1. I'm relocating to Memphis in June for fellowship. I've tried to do some research on the best places to live, etc., but what's out there is pretty variable.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to live (we're renting), or fun things to do?

  2. my roommate is from memphis, and she always says that beale street (i think that's how you spell it) is so much fun, it's got a very new orleans vibe to it. i'll ask her about some cool areas and report back :smile:
  3. Gosh, I lived there in jr. high school. It was my favorite all-time place in the world. I have such fond memories! We lived in Germantown. There was a city a little further south called Collierville that I remember as being lovely too.

    Congratulations on your fellowship!

  4. I live in Memphis, Germantown and Collierville are very nice, but a little more difficult to find places to rent. Your best bet is Cordova, I rented there last year until I bought my house. I still live in the general area, just a bit further out. (I'd be happy to help out more if you want, just pm me. :yes:) Alot of people live in Midtown, but it is more the university crowd, so it really depends on what exactly you are looking for.
  5. my roommate went to Germantown High School!
  6. Oh, that is very cool! I have a feeling I'm a couple of generations older than your roommate, though, as I'm 51 now. I went to school in Germantown back in the late 1960's, maybe until 1970 or 1971.

    In fact, I lived there so long ago that there was only one school, period! Yep! First through 12th grade. There were separate buildings, all red brick and old even for those days. There was a separate library, gymnasium, and of course a football field! But all the grades were on the same campus. This was back in the day when girls couldn't even wear pants to school! Yikes!

    Anyway, Germantown at the time had McLemore's (like a 7-11) and across the street there was an old shopping center with a cafe and a teeny grocery. There was a train depot down the road and a couple of churches.

    I could go on and on about Germantown. I can see everything in my mind's eye so clearly.

    This really is a small world! All the best to you and your roommate!
  7. I live in MS, but a little over an hour south of Memphis. My first thought was to try to live in Germantown, so we're all of one mind here. It's in East Memphis, so anywhere around there would be good. (I think - correct me if I'm wrong Memphians) Positive about Germantown, though.
  8. I remember the coolest artesian well (I think that's what it was called) in Mississippi. It wasn't too far from Memphis. It wasn't exactly an amusement park, but one paid an admission fee. We always brought a picnic lunch and could swim all day.