Memory Foam mattress topper help!

  1. So I just got one. I didn't realize that you're supposed to let it air out for at least 24 hours until now. I slept on it last night. Will this ruin it?!

    Does anyone else have one? HELP PLEASE!
  2. If it's anything like the tempur pedic pillow I got, the airing out was more for the consumer than the product, because of the smell. For almost a week, my husband and I were smelling what we thought was mildew, but turned out to be the pillow....
  3. Totally off topic....

    last night i had a dream that we bought a tempur pedic mattress, but i didn't like it (in my dream) so i went back to the place where they took our old mattress, and was looking through hundreds of old mattresses..because i wanted our old one back, but i couldnt find it.

    i know nothing about the tempur pedic, but i woke up this morning so upset that i couldn't find my old mattress. then i read this post.

    made me laugh!
  4. It's serta brand. Yeah, it smells funny, but it was so comfortable that I just threw on some fresh sheets and slept anyway.
  5. No, you didn't ruin it. Those things usually smell so that's why you're supposed to let it air out a day. No worries.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I was freaking out. I called home and had someone "throw all my blankets and pillows on the floor and take off the sheet!"

  7. No, but I'm wanting to get one because I get these awful pre4ssure sores on my butt. Do you like it? Was it expensive? Can I order one online and do they take PayPal because I don't have a credit card? Do they make them in twin size? HA!

    My doc is putting in a request with my insurance to get me one, I'm glad you posted this so when it comes I'll know to air it out. Thanks!
  8. Yes, make sure you air it out!!

    I got mine on IT IS AMAZING. Serta 4"! Mine is a queen and it came with 2 pillows, for $150. I don't think that's bad at all! I'm sure they have twin size, you should check it out! They accept paypal.
  9. I got mine at Costco for around $100 and it's amazing. It really did stink when I got it though. So glad that the smell goes away.
  10. They just want you to air out the smell and let it "bounce back" from being in the packaging.

    We have the memory foam mattress from Dormia and it's helped my back enormously. We had a regular mattress for years and let me tell you, every morning waking up was excruciating for me with that mattress, I was becoming depressed from all the aching.
  11. Oh, too cool! Thanks! I see my doc Friday and I'll ask her how long it's going to take for the approval of the insurance. If it's going to be four months llike my power chair, then I'll just buy it!! And you are right, that's not bad AT ALL! I can do that!! WHOO HOO!

    This is good to know Rainrowan, thank you for this information as well! I have a medically approved orthopedic mattress but lately it's been causing me problems. The pressure sores on my butt and hips are starting to really affect my sleep, so this is great news. THANK YOU!!!
  12. Mine is from Costco too. It's about 3 weeks old and every once in awhile I get a sniff of the nastiness, we didn't let ours air out the whole time either. Love it! best 150$ I've ever spent!
  13. I bought a Serta one and it smelled when I opened it. I didn't air it out and I found that the odor subsided after 3-4 days.
  14. oh so that's why! What a coincidence guys- I just got my memory foam mattress yesterday, from Costco where else. :p I thought not airing it for 24 hrs would ruin the mattress or something, and I was very careful not to step on it at all last night. Boy do I feel silly now!

    Personally, I was expecting heaven while sleeping on the mattress, but it doesn't seem that special........maybe I had too high of expectations, or my regular mattress was great?! hehe
  15. I got a 3" serta memory foam mattress and I don't remember it smelling, I didn't let it air out either. It cost about $45 with my discount when I worked at target and I love it.