memories of your young style influences

  1. I am not sure what to name this thread. It occured to me today how LUCKY kids are now. They have so much access to style and the stars via the internet. If they like Hillary Duff or Kate Moss they only have to type in their name to find a million images of them and tons of info about what they wear.

    In 1985 I was 13 and barely allowed to watch music videos. (Remember Friday Night Videos) I fell in love with Madonna. But all I knew of her was the little that I saw on TV. I studied her video "Borderline" on VHS tape. I watched it again and again making notes about her outfit. I didn't know who designed her clothes, where to get the leggings, the boots, the bracelets. Mom only took me shopping at places like K-mart and the mall was for secret nights out with friends. And of course with no $$$$

    No-one let me buy Tigerbeat magazine. I had to peice together my Madonna wardrobe where and how I could.

    I wish in 1985 I could have searched "Madonna" on google and found all the pics and info I needed.

    I'd love to hear other peoples stories.

    Madonna - Madison Square Garden 1985
  2. I've never really been directly influenced by what other people wear. I have always went with what appealed specifically to me. But then of course you have the media surrounding you and certain things just seep into your subconscious without you knowing and BAM you adopt a certain style (or a piece of it).
    Out of all celebs though, when I was young I did like a mixture of what the popstars wore. Like Britney Spears and the Spice Girls and just other random famous girls I would see in BOP/BB, TigerBeat, on TV, etc. Even though I did find the style nice to look at, I wasn't ready to try to mimic it myself since it wouldn't have been appropriate to say the least for a 10 year old to prance around in belly tops and panties peeking out of super mini dresses. Lol.
  3. interesting that you were wise enough to know how inappropriate it was to wear that at age 10. At 13, I was singing, "Like A Virgin" as loud as I could and trying to wear things that said, "BoyToy". :rolleyes:
  4. I don't have any recollections of anyone influencing me- I'm probably too old. BUT- I will say that when my daughter was 8 she discovered the Beatles, and ran away from Backstreet Boys and Britney. She fell headlong into the 60s... Before I knew it she wanted 'vintage' clothes (which I found on eBay), and she wanted to dye her hair red and cut it so it looked like Paul's girlfriend, Jane Asher. (Which we did when she was in 6th grade). She wanted short skirts, boots, etc. just like the Carnaby Street/Mod looks back then. She also wanted a pair of 'Beatle boots" -found a pair of nice look-alikes for her. I even had to make her a Sgt Pepper uniform for Halloween when she was 11. And yeah- where did she get the info??? From the internet, of course. A huge influence on her choices...

    Oh yeah- hence my ID... =)
  5. i bet she looked absolutely adorable!!!!!:p
  6. I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani in the Tragic Kingdom era (i still love her!) and would take *little* things from her, but not copy it completely or anything. I wore bindi a little while, bought simular bright red Doc's to the ones she wore on the cover of TK, and got a lifelong love for leopard print.
    ^^ also if you watch the video for Sunday Morning.. i basically spent half my childhood searching for that leopard skirt she wears.. and i eventually found it! haha That video effected me big time as silly as it sounds.
  7. I don't think it is silly at all. The video "Borderline" had a big effect on me in 1985. It opened up a way of expressing myself and sexuality through clothes, hair, makeup and music. When we are young I think we want to identify with someone. You spend alot of your childhood trying to fit in ... or trying not to. I loved Gwen too. I still do!

    (This is not a direct response to you, Sammy Doll, just a general statement) I don't think there is anything wrong with copying someones style completly. Especially when you are a kid. I think that is normal.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with it as an adult either. As long as you don't work in fashion and are copying it and calling it your own. But, I wasn't born with a great fashion sense. I have many great talents but being a trend setter in fashion is not one of them. I look at what many in Hollywood are doing and mix it together to get my style.
    The only thing I really do on my own is handbags. :wlae: