Memories and a Possible Return to LV

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  1. A picture of my first LV bought in 2004. My mom had a Speedy and I always loved the monogram. As soon as I could afford to buy it on my own in my mid-20s, I got one.

    Then I got a Mono Palermo and a DA Totally.

    Then I moved to China and the fakes were everywhere so I couldn't even look at LV for 2 years.

    Then I returned to the US and got a Empreinte Metis, DE Alma BB, Mono Neverfull, Mon Monogram Speedy 35 (they messed up the colors which really put me off) and a DE Totally.

    LV is so ubiquitous in San Francisco, I ended up selling them all except my first LV- the Speedy 25 and all my SLGs. My husband and I would punch each other in the arm every time we would see LV- our arms were sore every date night. I went and bought 1 BV,4 Bals and 1 Prada.

    Now I find myself living in India and there are barely any LVs and I love carrying mine again!!! So much that I am considering another canvas bag to use while I am here and then possible selling when I get back to the US again. Debating between:

    • Melie and Duomo as I love hobos
    • Retiro because I think it gorgeous and love Mono mixed with black
    • Montaigne Empreinte as I think this would be one I would not sell
    Will get a wallet too. My over a decade old Mono Sarah still looks great, but time for an upgrade.

    Thanks for letting me share.

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  2. Duomo or retiro out of those. I'm leaning more towards duomo.
  3. Out of the bags you listed above my two favorite pics are the Retiro and Duomo .. Both are great bags !! I bought the Duomo and it's so comfortable there isn't anything I can say bad about the bag !! Love it 😊

  4. I need to try them on- luckily I am one of the few cities in India with a LV!!!

  5. Congrats! Looks gorgeous. People seem to love it. Only complaint I read is the handle wrinkling, but doesn't seem to happen to all (and I like using my bags so don't mind signs of wear and tear anyway!).
  6. Duomo since you love hobos and DE is just beautiful. You have a monogram LV, so it would add variety.
  7. Perhaps I can snag Duomo and Retiro both! I talked up buying a Chanel jumbo flap for months (to prepare hubby about the price). Two canvas bags would still cost less. [emoji48]
  8. As a fellow long time expat, I understand your vacillation regarding LV with fakes etc, but at the end of the day, you need to go with what works for you. I find LV canvas in particular very practical in the developing world, and countries with rainy seasons. Get home, wipe them off, and they are back to normal.

    I think you have some great choices there, but perhaps make an assessment of what you have, what you need, and what you love over what is out there worn by others. GLD! :smile:
  9. I would get the Emp bag since you said you likely wouldn't sell that.
  10. Yes, there seem to be two seasons here- monsoon and DUST. Canvas would work well. Where are you located?

    I wasn't trying to be flippant- I always pick the purse that sings to me and before posting this, I have been researching LV for the past few months. The noticing what others wear is the whole showing up to event with the same dress as someone else. No one really likes that, right?
  11. I hear what you mean. I pretty much left LV, mainly because I became vegan awhile back and well...carrying leather was a no-go for me. I still LOVE the LV canvas, but hence, even the most "canvas-y" bags at least have a little leather trim. Gotta hold out for one with no leather (as in some canvas/textile LE's and such). I've often thought about retired LE's to try to attain, to have something LV, as it was a HUGE part of my life for a very loong time, but then again, the inside tag, datecode, any pocket lining/frames are usually always leather within whatever outside textile bag there is. So....even that slight bit, yeahhh...still there and still leather. Lol, so it'd sadly prob. be a no-go for me on those as well.

    The bags you did choose though, are stunning! All those styles are indeed lovely and albeit yes, practical!
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