Memorial Day Weekend

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  1. Were going to Great Barrington Massachusetts to stay at our favourite Hotel for the Memorial Day weekend.

    What are your plans ?
  2. Well, it's not Memorial Day here in Germany but it is a religious holiday (Pfingsten) that I don't celebrate...But we will be grilling on Saturday :smile:
  3. That sounds lovely Prada!!

    I don't have plans as of yet..but I'd like them to include sunbathing by the pool and Bubble tea. :smile:
  4. We haven't made plans yet. We will probably have the family over for a Bar-B-que
  5. I'll be in Cancun with my boyfriend woohoo!! :beach::drinks:
  6. not sure yet, but probably a picnic or bbq with friends and family... same thing every year. i'm not going out of town or anything.
  7. We're having a crawfish boil....I just eat the corn, sausage and potatoes....they are delish! :party:
  8. I'll be in San Francisco for a friend's bachelorette party! I miss all my girlfriends from college so this will amazing!:yes:
  9. We are going to Asheville NC. to see the Biltmore and do some hiking up in the mountains.
  10. Hopefully driving down the coast one afternoon and maybe having a bbq with friends on sat :smile:
  11. Vegas baby!
  12. dh and i leave for vegas tomorrow for 10 days :smile: we'll be in vegas for 5 days, then we drive up to the log cabin in utah for memorial day weekend, then back to vegas on tuesday :smile: plan to do some MAJOR damage at the malls :choochoo:

  13. i've always wanted to see the biltmore!
  14. My boyfriend and I are going to Hawaii!!!
  15. palm desert, love the heat. cool down with some margaritas by the pool.