Memorial Day Weekend Sale?

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  1. I've seen info on this splattered around on different threads but thought it might be a good idea to consolidate the information. I know we all love:heart: a good sale and there seems to be a bit of confusion over whether there will be a "Memorial Day Sale" :confused1: at Coach this weekend. After calling the outlets that I visit and not really receiving a solid answer, I randomly called a few more just to see what they would say. I wish they all had the same answer... This is what I found out from the following locations. If you know anything about your outlet, could you please add the information? Maybe we can get this figured out so we can all have a great Coach shopping weekend!!!:yahoo:

    Foley, AL: yes, we are having a MDS on Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon

    Destin, FL: we always have a sale, it won't be anything specific to MD. yes, our promotions usually start on TH's but we don't know anything ahead of time

    Darien, GA: "normal" sale promotions, start on Thursdays

    Gulfport, MS: depends on corp., price changes could occur on a W, TH or F

    Branson, MO: price changes come through via email the evening before. price changes usually occur on TH mornings

    St. Augustine: we had a floor change on sunday so we went ahead and changed our sales. nothing will change tomorrow or friday for the weekend.

    Dawsonville, GA: (the most direct:smile: with info) yes, we will be having a sale and it will start tomorrow. you may call back for specifics.

    Castle Rock, CO: finally! by far the most informative and forthright individual :tup:- from my adopted state of CO!!- okay, he confirmed that there was a floor change on sunday and that some price changes occurred. he expects a few price changes to come in this evening via voice mail and email BUT he says that the BEST sale would definitely begin on FRIDAY. anything that goes on sale tomorrow will still be on sale for the weekend but he anticipates more markdowns to occur on friday morning for the holiday weekend:yahoo:.

    okay, if anyone would like to call other outlets and add to this information, i got all the numbers from outlet bound. i'm going to call my outlet back this evening before they close to try to find out more.
  2. I will be going tomorrow. I will post on the Outlet Thread what I see. You will know the holiday sale started because they usually have some half off stuff. - Don't be looking for some great new bag deals. The half off is sually stuff that has had other markdowns.
  3. I called the one at Wrentham, MA.

    They said they are openning a lot of transfers now to put out this weekend.
  4. hehe. go dawsonville. :devil:
  5. I was at the outlet in Sunrise Florida yesterday and they had 20% off everything pretty much. The letter charms were marked down from $19 to $9
  6. I know from my experience last year that the Lancaster, PA outlet will most likely be having a MDS.
  7. Does anyone know what the San Marcos outlet sale will be like? Also, does anyone know if it starts on Friday? I have a chance to go on Friday or Sunday and I figured Friday would be better? :wondering
  8. I'd love to go to the sale, but it's an hour away and gas is soooooo expensive right now. I think I might just have to sit this one out. :crybaby:
  9. Awesome...thanks for the info.
  10. I will check the two Orlando outlets tonight or tomorrow and post the info. Cannot wait to check them out
  11. Willow, I am going tomorrow AM. I think to Lancaster. I will let you know, even though I know you aren't spending $$$ on Coach!
  12. Excellent thread!

    I have been getting updates from the Washington state outlets. (daily :shame:smile: They said Friday will be the best day to go for new pricing. Although, they are processing new shipments today and tomorrow. So, new inventory will be out as early as tonight.

    Can you call ahead and ask for (insert dream item here) and see if they will put it on hold for you? Or is that fair?
  13. I called up the Camarillo (CA) Outlet and was told the sale is going on right now and will extend through Monday. They will be open Monday. But the SA told me she couldn't give me any specifics as far as exactly what's on sale and what the percentage off is.

    I'm going to try to go Saturday morning.

  14. Do you know if this is the case for the Marysville/Tulalip outlet...?
  15. I would go Friday, or very early on Sunday to avoid the crowds.