Memorial Day Weekend at Woodbury Commons

  1. Just letting everyone who doesn't already know..know that woodbury commons is having a fantastic memorial day sale, on top of their normal outlet prices. For directions, google the name and it'll get you to the website! Since I'm not in the states at the moment, I can't really say where the best deals are, but my family's going up today!
  2. woodbury commons was good about 5 years ago

    now i won't even waste my time driving there as it's just to disapointing to drive 3 hours to leave empty handed
  3. Hmmm, I was there mostly last summer and I found it to still be quite good. I wouldn't say I left with my arms full, but the selection wasn't awful. Among some things, I got a great dress shirt at D&G for $130 with the original price at $750. You win some, you lose some. There are definitely stores who's stocks are a bit disappointing.
  4. how's the dior and chanel outlets there? i'm going on a trip to nyc and wanted to know if it would be worth the drive.
  5. woodbury's good when you go on the off days--middle of the winter, middle of the week. lately i've found it much too picked over
  6. Yeah, me and my husband usually make the long trip down there a couple of times a year. I wouldn't even THINK about going on a weekend. My husband usually does better than I do though.