memoirs of bbag

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  1. i am sooo excited about my very first bbag that i would love for you to take a look at this beauty. couldn't resist sharing this awesome feeling. i have been looking & waiting & reading forums about bbags. can't believe i have it now!! i know lots of you would be reminiscent of that very day you got your very 1st balenciaga.... please share the experience with me. :smile::heart:;)

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  2. That bag is so pretty! The PT is my favorite style. I was a Chanel girl for two years - sold everything non-Chanel in my bag collection to fund Chanel - including my 2003 black city with silver HW (kicks myself). I decided tassels were tacky and I didn't want anything else Balenciaga. Once Chanel raised their prices way past my comfort zone I started lurking here in the Bal forum and before I knew it had purchased 5 bbags in a three month time span! And I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you do the same! Enjoy your first because once you add more it's hard to choose which one to carry and they don't seem as special (at least to me).
  3. in my case, i began a very long love affair w/ LV. you're definitely right about adding more & the intensity of the desire grows less. that happened to me. until just last year when i started to try on new brands (sometimes, change is better) w/c i've known but didn't set my heart on. i'm kinda overwhelmed right now coz i've got a few 1st's since last year.... veneta, goyard, chanel and now my new bbag. i'm really savoring the moment.:yahoo:
  4. I got my first Bal in Italy a couple of years ago before they had a Bal store in Milan. I was in Italy with DH, he had some meetings and I had nothing to do all day. I took the train from Verona to Milan as I knew 10 Corso Como sold Bal bags and I really wanted a brownish City bag. The first day I went I tripped and fell because I was too busy looking at buildings and store windows and it was horrible. I was too shocked to do any shopping at all! I went back the next day and got a RH Café City and even though I've had a few more Bal bags since then she's really special to me.
  5. Congratulations on your first bag! I remember buying my first bbag as if it happened yesterday.. I went into the shop with the intention of getting something purple, and the SA took out a violet GSH city, but i didn't like how the GH looked on a city size. I asked her if she had any RH city in violet but she said they've sold out that colour. Bummer... cos till this day, i'm still lusing over one. Those 07 leathers are lovely! And i've always been a fan of purple.

    She then suggested the PT size. Initially, I wasn't really receptive towards that idea because of the east-west look, but on the other hand, the city looked a little small on me then. Well, i gave it a go when she handed me a 07 anthracite, 07 Juane as well as 07 Ocean, all with GSH and luxurious leather.. I swear I was in Bal Heaven!!! I must be insane not to bring home the Juane because after looking at Antubella's city, I feel like kicking myself for not getting one then as well. Sigh.. Well, my excuse was that the colour was too bright for my skin tone. (Who am I kidding.. I own an Amethyst now!!)

    So anyway, it was down to anthracite and ocean.. i stood in front of the mirror for a good whole 30 mins, and another 2 hours in the shop, asking the SA to convince me that this was the size for me. I eventually settled for ocean because i didn't really like the chameleon nature of 07 anthracite. Anyway, it's been a year and the bag is breaking in just nicely! The leather is smooth at the back and distressed at the front. Not many people like their bags like that because it's "imperfect", but i love it just the way it is because it adds character to it.
  6. Congrats on your first bBag! :yahoo:

    I bought my first one off of ebay - an anthra twiggy. I rescued the package from torrential rain and was desperate to make sure my bag was okay - I opened it up and just went "wow". It was gorgeous!!! (and not at all soaked from the rain).

    I then had to hide it under my bed for a few weeks as my bag buying was being scrutinised :nuts: ....but I kept pulling it out to look at it when I could...:roflmfao:

    Eventually there was a big enough break in my bag buying for me to "unveil" my new bag, and it's been used a lot since. :yes:
  7. Congrats (again) on your first Bbag.

    I had been loving Bbags for years but had always found them to be too fragile for me. One day I was at a store where they have Bbags and something just caught my eye ... it was Anthracite. I had wanted a dark grey bag for a long time and this color was just perfect.

    I did go home thinking I couldn't buy a Bal, much less a First. Surely if I was to buy a Bal it should be a City and it should be black. However, I couldn't stop thinking about it and I couldn't stand the idea that someone else would have MY Anthracite First. So the next day I was outside the store before they opened ... waiting ... and got my precious :woohoo:

    It was a good day!
  8. Gosh I have only been a Bbag lover for a couple of months, but I am hooked! My first was a twiggy from ebay. I had no idea because I hadn't done my homework and was very depressed because the handles were disgusting on the bag(quite used)Had to send her to Lovin My Bags and 200.00 later she looked new! Four bags later I found the City and my true love!
  9. congrats!beautiful bag!
    i was a chloe girl,actually it was the paddington that turn me into the tpf.
    my first bal was a day truffle from a lovely tpfer...and god wasn't it dramatic!(the bag coming to oz not the tpfer)she posted it straight away air mail,insured,etc, took 3 weeks to get it to sydney! and everytime i rang australia post they told me the bag was coming by ship. the last time i rang they told me the parcel didn't exist!:faint:
    but then,one morining in december what turns up at my doorstep? my truffle bag!!!! it has been love at first sight since then...and it was followed by my charbon mcu (new).
    i do still wonder what happened to the bag since it had arrived in australia on the 20th of november! is here and it is divine!
  10. Welcome to the Dark Side!!!! Bals can become quite addicting!!!!Love your Truffle Day!^^^^
  11. thanks muggles!:flowers:
    i am so happy it got here in one piece!
  12. That sounds so like me, hiding bags in cupboards or suitcases and then bringing them out as if I've just bought them:smile:
    Although last week when I bought my first bbag, I had just sold a couple so I didn't feel so guilty.
    I wasn't sure what to expect, but when i opened it it was all lovely and soft and chocolately.
    For the first day it rained like mad and so I was wearing it inside my coat, but then by the second day I put it outside but under an umbrella, so I could look at it more closely.
  13. what a yummy bag to have as your first. I remember how it felt :smile: Your part time is awesome. This is my favorite color-hardware combination these days...
    THAT FRAMBOISE IS SOOOO GORGEOUS.:drool::drool::drool: