Memebers in Europe, please help!!

  1. Hi, I'm having a big problem and need some help.

    I recently had to buy two Hero bags, I posted a thread to ask one I should keep since I don't want to have two. I have three paddingtons but Lanvin Hero bag is not that worth to me to own more than one.

    Okay, here comes my long story, please help!!

    I first couldn't get the gold hero since it was all sold out, so called a lady in Europe if she can get one for me 2 weeks ago. She said she will, I payed and suddenly I couldn't reach her through emails. But I knew that she was a kind and friendly person so there might have a problem with her. At that time, I was crazy for the Hero bag so called my friend in Europe to buy the Madras bag for me since she said that the metallic ones were not available. I thought that it would not be late to buy the Madras bag first, and if the lady gets settled and give me a call I should tell her I've already got one so no longer want it and ask her to return it. I got the bag about a week ago from my friend, and I like it really much.
    Then about three days ago, the lady from Europe called me and said the bag was already sent!! How embarrassing!! The gold one arrived yesterday, I told the lady that I would like to send it back to her and get my money back. But she said they won't accept returns since it was bought during the final sales.
    I had no mind and thought I should then sell one but it's too much a loss. The bag is never used, I have the receipt from the store, why can't I get a refund?
    Is it true that there is no return policy in Europe at bargain sales?
    Somebody please help!!
  2. It depends on the store, but, yes, many stores do not offer refunds during their clearance sales.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I called the store in Paris 3 times to ask about it, a man came out and hang up everytime I started with "Hello". :confused1: I guess he doesn't want to speak in English.
    Well the only solution seems to ask the store directly, it's a shame that I can't speak French.
    Any way, thanks :smile: