Membership Rewards-Coach Related

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  1. Well I went to the AMEX Membership Rewards site to redeem some points. I was thinking of getting a bamboo or hardwood floor put in on the first floor. I was going to cash out my points for a couple of Home Depot gift cards. What did my I eyes see? Apparently Coach has their gift cards on the site. :yahoo: I have always wished they would and apparently they are now. I called DH and talked to him about it. He said to forget about the floor now since the girls are still young and since the dog is still a puppy. He said go ahead a get $1000 gift card and $500 for him and kids to B&N. So now I can start looking at boutique if I want. I had sworn off since the outlets were having such great deals!!! Now I have more reason to use AMEX!!!! Just wanted to let everyone know who is enrolled!
  2. WOW!
    What a score!
  3. That's certainly great news... thank you for letting us know!! I do all of my shopping via an AMEX card and usually redeem my rewards points for vacations but now it's great that I can use them for Coach and B&N gift cards as well.
  4. Congrats! I don't use AMEX, but may rethink that decision.
  5. I'm gonna sign up!
  6. I was at FP yesterday and a lady was using her AMEX points for a handbag and wallet! My AMEX is the Costco/AMEX since we go to Costco so much! I might talk DH into changing our AMEX card...I WANT COACH POINTS TOO!
  7. I got one of these gift cards and it says you can't use it at the outlet on the back.

    I was glad I really wanted the steel small madison wallet.
  8. Hmm, interesting!! I need to check my reward point balance too!!
  9. Sounds awesome!! Happy shopping!

  10. Same here.

    Don't leave home without it, baby!
  11. I saw that Coach was back on Amex Rewards too and got a gc the other day! They used to be there and then for a long time they weren't but Bloomies was!! I've bought so many cool bags/clothes with Amex points - got my MJ Lg. Satchel from Saks with a gc using Amex points - $1k bag for FREE!! Pretty much the only perc of business travel these days;)
  12. How long ago were they on there? I cashed out points back 06 at Pottery Barn, CPK and Cheesecake Factory and didn't see them listed. We buy everything with our Amex. It's sad but now I will be happy knowing I can get a new bag or something when I want. Now buying a new vaccuum cleaner wont hurt so much!
  13. If you don't mind me asking, how many points did it take for a $1,000 dollar gift card?
  14. Hmmm - they were there when I first started using Amex for biz travel so maybe 1999-2000 ish - don't remember when they dropped out.
  15. I think it's 100,000 points