Members with choco box kelly pls come forward

  1. Or any color box calf kelly for that matter. I wanna know as much as I can about these creatures (box calf kelly). Recently, I was offered a minty mint 28 cm rigide choco box kelly with gold h/w (stamp A) for 3000. Do you guys think this is a good price? I mean, really, for such an old kelly the condition is TOP. The previous owner must've never used it, the box calf is smooth w/o any scratches whatsoever.

    Right now, I am trying to save for an ostrich or croc kelly/birkin. But this lil kelly is calling my name I dont know what to do :s

    I also prefer the 32 size for kellys, as the 28 is a tad too small for everyday use for me. To sum up, I'm just confused as to whether I should get this kelly or not. Is it a good price? I can prolly ask for a couple of hundred bucks less..

    What to doooo.... what to dooo????? HELP!
  2. If you're confused about getting it, don't get it! It's probably not hitting your heart 100%.

    Chocolate box is lovely though. I've seen a 32cm HAC w/ palladium and a 25cm sellier Kelly w/ gold and both were GORGEOUS!!!
  3. It sounds like if it was a 32 there would be no question...which tells you!
  4. I know I know Shoes and LaVan.. you guys are right! I guess my heart is really set on a 32 for a kelly.

    But a minty mint 28 choco box kelly for 3000 is a good price or not?
  5. I would say that's a very good price because even my 25cm retourne Kelly which I bought 2 months ago cost around 4500 US.
  6. Sarah I am glad you started this thread because my mind is on a chocolate 32 Kelly myself.

    I think it is really hard to place a dollar value "for sale" on the older bags. It is almost like the buyer has to estimate what they feel it should be and do some looking around/research. Then, make the decision. There really is no guidebook.

    I just saw a 32 box retourne from 2003 for $5850. I thought that the price was a bit steep for being pre-owned.

    I would have to say you would not be asking what to do if it was all perfect for you. Pass on it.
  7. Kellybag ..... I believe there was a chocolate box Kelly at the Las Vegas store when I was there. I'm not sure of the size though. It may have been a 32 cm though. I have a 28cm Kelly and I think it was bigger than mine but it wasn't huge. Give them a call if you're interested. You can ask for Josh. Tell him you're a friend of Kathleen's. He is a doll.

  8. KB, how could you read my mind? You're right on the money there. Guess if my heart is set on it I wouldnt be posting this thread. Instead I would just buy it and show it off with you guys :P

    Personally, by looking at the condition, I think 3000 is very okay price. I know it's stamped A, but it didnt matter to me, what matters more is the condition imo. BUT, like I said, I really prefer 32 on a kelly, it's just more functional for me. I dont go out at night that often, so I dont really need evening bags.

    I'm trying to save for an ostrich or croc kelly/birkin, guess I would pass on this one and continue saving for the bag I really want.

    Thanks for all the comments :flowers:
  9. A is which year ????

    Gosh, I must be so young during the A year :P :roflmfao:
  10. katyc, if stamped in a square, A is for 1997 :flowers:
  11. Yes, it's from 1997, seller told me that. I decided to pass on it and continue saving for something big.
  12. Girls, there is a chocolate box kelly 32 in Boston as of today!! Sooo pretty too!
  13. sellier? or.... how about h/w...

  14. Does Z stamp mean 1996 ??
    I'm curious, when did Hermes start this date stamp system ?
    Do the vintage H bags have date stamps ??
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