Members leaving /being banned

  1. I was just checking new posts when I came across this thread. First, of all my I say to MB, Happy Birthday. Hopefully, my daughter will be fortunate enough to have such an outstanding MIL. What I am actually here to say is that I love the Hermes forum. Never have I been treated rudely, only have I received wonderful,amazing replies. If anyone would like to see the quality of many members please go to the following thread: "Grief Over Oprah Situation". Please read my comments and then read the replies I recieved. I could not believe such caring thoughts and kind words. After you have read these comments you will completely understand how wonderful these words were for me. I posted concerning hand washing scarves, replies were great. I will continue to visit with you guys at Hermes . I learn so much, such as to look for a letter on the dry clean tag of the scarves. Happy to say all of our scarves have an alphabet.:yes: I am in the process of drafting a letter to M.Dumas concerning our Hermes experience. I promised my daughter a Birkin for her 18th birthday, two years and counting. We will make annual Christmas trip to Paris, of course, Hermes will on our shopping list. I will continue to check and see the new scarves that have been purchased by members. Hopefully, any member that has left because of this situation will decide to return.This is of such value to those who are new to Hermes bags. I am able to teach my daughter because all of you are teaching me. Continued happy Hermes shopping.:flowers:
  2. ^ well said.
  3. Beautiful post, Ktown. Nicely said and much appreciated if not by all, by me for sure!
  4. wonderful comments.... i agree.... this can still be a wonderful place for us to talk and have fun... we can all learn from each other.. well, I know i am learning lots from the wonderful ladies of this subforum...
  5. Thanks so much. I am so sorry about this problem, hopefully, it will all work out. Thank you so much for the guide, it is wonderful.
  6. :heart: :heart: :heart: This is indeed a wonderful place with wonderful people. Hope everyone returns! :flowers: